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Pdf Export Search Presentation Identifying Transferable Information Across Domains for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification
[P18-1089]: Raksha Sharma | Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Sandipan Dandapat | Himanshu Sharad Bhatt

Pdf Export Search Poster Language Modeling for Code-Mixing: The Role of Linguistic Theory based Synthetic Data
[P18-1143]: Adithya Pratapa | Gayatri Bhat | Monojit Choudhury | Sunayana Sitaram | Sandipan Dandapat | Kalika Bali

Pdf Export Search Translating Web Search Queries into Natural Language Questions
[L18-1151]: Adarsh Kumar | Sandipan Dandapat | Sushil Chordia


Pdf Export Search SODA:Service Oriented Domain Adaptation Architecture for Microblog Categorization
[N16-3016]: Himanshu Sharad Bhatt | Sandipan Dandapat | Peddamuthu Balaji | Shourya Roy | Sharmistha Jat | Deepali Semwal

Pdf Export Search A Fluctuation Smoothing Approach for Unsupervised Automatic Short Answer Grading
[W16-4911]: Shourya Roy | Sandipan Dandapat | Y. Narahari

Pdf Export Search Wisdom of Students: A Consistent Automatic Short Answer Grading Technique
[W16-6324]: Shourya Roy | Sandipan Dandapat | Ajay Nagesh | Narahari Y.


Pdf Export Search MTWatch: A Tool for the Analysis of Noisy Parallel Data
[L14-1248]: Sandipan Dandapat | Declan Groves

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Recursive Tagset for Annotating Cooking Recipes
[W14-5149]: Sharath Reddy Gunamgari | Sandipan Dandapat | Monojit Choudhury


Pdf Export Search TMTprime: A Recommender System for MT and TM Integration
[N13-3003]: Aswarth Abhilash Dara | Sandipan Dandapat | Declan Groves | Josef van Genabith


Pdf Export Search Approximate Sentence Retrieval for Scalable and Efficient Example-Based Machine Translation
[C12-1096]: Johannes Leveling | Debasis Ganguly | Sandipan Dandapat | Gareth Jones

Pdf Export Search Combining EBMT, SMT, TM and IR Technologies for Quality and Scale
[W12-0106]: Sandipan Dandapat | Sara Morrissey | Andy Way | Josef van Genabith


Pdf Export Search MATREX: The DCU MT System for WMT 2010
[W10-1720]: Sergio Penkale | Rejwanul Haque | Sandipan Dandapat | Pratyush Banerjee | Ankit K. Srivastava | Jinhua Du | Pavel Pecina | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Mikel L. Forcada | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search Mitigating Problems in Analogy-based EBMT with SMT and vice versa: A Case Study with Named Entity Transliteration
[Y10-1041]: Sandipan Dandapat | Sara Morrissey | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Harold Somers


Pdf Export Search Large-Coverage Root Lexicon Extraction for Hindi
[E09-1015]: Cohan Sujay Carlos | Monojit Choudhury | Sandipan Dandapat

Pdf Export Search Complex Linguistic Annotation – No Easy Way Out! A Case from Bangla and Hindi POS Labeling Tasks
[W09-3002]: Sandipan Dandapat | Priyanka Biswas | Monojit Choudhury | Kalika Bali

Pdf Export Search English-Hindi Transliteration Using Context-Informed PB-SMT: the DCU System for NEWS 2009
[W09-3523]: Rejwanul Haque | Sandipan Dandapat | Ankit Kumar Srivastava | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Named Entity Recognition System for South and South East Asian Languages
[I08-5004]: Sujan Kumar Saha | Sanjay Chatterji | Sandipan Dandapat | Sudeshna Sarkar | Pabitra Mitra

Pdf Export Search Bengali and Hindi to English CLIR Evaluation
[I08-6010]: Debasis Mandal | Sandipan Dandapat | Mayank Gupta | Pratyush Banerjee | Sudeshna Sarkar


Pdf Export Search Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging for Bengali: An Approach for Morphologically Rich Languages in a Poor Resource Scenario
[P07-2056]: Sandipan Dandapat | Sudeshna Sarkar | Anupam Basu