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Pdf Export Search I’m a Belieber: Social Roles via Self-identification and Conceptual Attributes
[P14-2030]: Charley Beller | Rebecca Knowles | Craig Harman | Shane Bergsma | Margaret Mitchell | Benjamin Van Durme


Pdf Export Search Broadly Improving User Classification via Communication-Based Name and Location Clustering on Twitter
[N13-1121]: Shane Bergsma | Mark Dredze | Benjamin Van Durme | Theresa Wilson | David Yarowsky

Pdf Export Search Using Conceptual Class Attributes to Characterize Social Media Users
[P13-1070]: Shane Bergsma | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Explicit and Implicit Syntactic Features for Text Classification
[P13-2150]: Matt Post | Shane Bergsma


Pdf Export Search Stylometric Analysis of Scientific Articles
[N12-1033]: Shane Bergsma | Matt Post | David Yarowsky

Pdf Export Search Language Identification for Creating Language-Specific Twitter Collections
[W12-2108]: Shane Bergsma | Paul McNamee | Mossaab Bagdouri | Clayton Fink | Theresa Wilson


Pdf Export Search Dataset Using Large Monolingual and Bilingual Corpora to Improve Coordination Disambiguation
[P11-1135]: Shane Bergsma | David Yarowsky | Kenneth Church

Pdf Export Search Joint Training of Dependency Parsing Filters through Latent Support Vector Machines
[P11-2035]: Colin Cherry | Shane Bergsma

Pdf Export Search Using Visual Information to Predict Lexical Preference
[R11-1055]: Shane Bergsma | Randy Goebel


Pdf Export Search New Tools for Web-Scale N-grams
[L10-1158]: Dekang Lin | Kenneth Church | Heng Ji | Satoshi Sekine | David Yarowsky | Shane Bergsma | Kailash Patil | Emily Pitler | Rachel Lathbury | Vikram Rao | Kapil Dalwani | Sushant Narsale

Pdf Export Search Creating Robust Supervised Classifiers via Web-Scale N-Gram Data
[P10-1089]: Shane Bergsma | Emily Pitler | Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Transliteration Generation and Mining with Limited Training Resources
[W10-2405]: Sittichai Jiampojamarn | Kenneth Dwyer | Shane Bergsma | Aditya Bhargava | Qing Dou | Mi-Young Kim | Grzegorz Kondrak

Pdf Export Search Improved Natural Language Learning via Variance-Regularization Support Vector Machines
[W10-2921]: Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Dale Schuurmans

Pdf Export Search Fast and Accurate Arc Filtering for Dependency Parsing
[C10-1007]: Shane Bergsma | Colin Cherry

Pdf Export Search Using Web-scale N-grams to Improve Base NP Parsing Performance
[C10-1100]: Emily Pitler | Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Kenneth Church

Pdf Export Search Predicting the Semantic Compositionality of Prefix Verbs
[D10-1029]: Shane Bergsma | Aditya Bhargava | Hua He | Grzegorz Kondrak


Pdf Export Search Glen, Glenda or Glendale: Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning of English Noun Gender
[W09-1116]: Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Randy Goebel

Pdf Export Search A Ranking Approach to Stress Prediction for Letter-to-Phoneme Conversion
[P09-1014]: Qing Dou | Shane Bergsma | Sittichai Jiampojamarn | Grzegorz Kondrak


Pdf Export Search Discriminative Learning of Selectional Preference from Unlabeled Text
[D08-1007]: Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Randy Goebel

Pdf Export Search Distributional Identification of Non-Referential Pronouns
[P08-1002]: Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Randy Goebel


Pdf Export Search Automatic Answer Typing for How-Questions
[N07-1065]: Christopher Pinchak | Shane Bergsma

Pdf Export Search Learning Noun Phrase Query Segmentation
[D07-1086]: Shane Bergsma | Qin Iris Wang

Pdf Export Search Alignment-Based Discriminative String Similarity
[P07-1083]: Shane Bergsma | Grzegorz Kondrak


Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Path-Based Pronoun Resolution
[P06-1005]: Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin


Pdf Export Search An Expectation Maximization Approach to Pronoun Resolution
[W05-0612]: Colin Cherry | Shane Bergsma