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Pdf Export Search Event versus entity co-reference: Effects of context and form of referring expression
[W18-0711]: Sharid Loáiciga | Luca Bevacqua | Hannah Rohde | Christian Hardmeier

Pdf Export Search Note Forms of Anaphoric Reference to Organisational Named Entities: Hoping to widen appeal, they diversified
[W18-2406]: Christian Hardmeier | Luca Bevacqua | Sharid Loáiciga | Hannah Rohde

Pdf Export Search A Pronoun Test Suite Evaluation of the English–German MT Systems at WMT 2018
[W18-6435]: Liane Guillou | Christian Hardmeier | Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski | Sharid Loáiciga


Pdf Export Search Attachment Findings of the 2017 DiscoMT Shared Task on Cross-lingual Pronoun Prediction
[W17-4801]: Sharid Loáiciga | Sara Stymne | Preslav Nakov | Christian Hardmeier | Jörg Tiedemann | Mauro Cettolo | Yannick Versley

Pdf Export Search A BiLSTM-based System for Cross-lingual Pronoun Prediction
[W17-4805]: Sara Stymne | Sharid Loáiciga | Fabienne Cap

Pdf Export Search What is it? Disambiguating the different readings of the pronoun ‘it’
[D17-1137]: Sharid Loáiciga | Liane Guillou | Christian Hardmeier

Pdf Export Search Poster Annotating tense, mood and voice for English, French and German
[P17-4001]: Anita Ramm | Sharid Loáiciga | Annemarie Friedrich | Alexander Fraser


Pdf Export Search It-disambiguation and source-aware language models for cross-lingual pronoun prediction
[W16-2351]: Sharid Loáiciga | Liane Guillou | Christian Hardmeier


Pdf Export Search Predicting Pronoun Translation Using Syntactic, Morphological and Contextual Features from Parallel Data
[W15-2511]: Sharid Loáiciga

Pdf Export Search Rule-Based Pronominal Anaphora Treatment for Machine Translation
[W15-2512]: Sharid Loáiciga | Eric Wehrli


Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution for Machine Translation (Résolution d’anaphores et traitement des pronoms en traduction automatique à base de règles) [in French]
[F13-2023]: Sharid Loáiciga


Pdf Export Search Italian and Spanish Null Subjects. A Case Study Evaluation in an MT Perspective.
[L12-1480]: Lorenza Russo | Sharid Loáiciga | Asheesh Gulati

Pdf Export Search Improving machine translation of null subjects in Italian and Spanish
[E12-3010]: Lorenza Russo | Sharid Loáiciga | Asheesh Gulati