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Pdf Export Search Interpreting Neural Networks with Nearest Neighbors
[W18-5416]: Eric Wallace | Shi Feng | Jordan Boyd-Graber

Pdf Export Search Personalized Microblog Sentiment Classification via Adversarial Cross-lingual Multi-task Learning
[D18-1031]: Weichao Wang | Shi Feng | Wei Gao | Daling Wang | Yifei Zhang

Pdf Export Search Attachment Pathologies of Neural Models Make Interpretations Difficult
[D18-1407]: Shi Feng | Eric Wallace | Alvin Grissom II | Mohit Iyyer | Pedro Rodriguez | Jordan Boyd-Graber

Pdf Export Search A Co-Attention Neural Network Model for Emotion Cause Analysis with Emotional Context Awareness
[D18-1506]: Xiangju Li | Kaisong Song | Shi Feng | Daling Wang | Yifei Zhang


Pdf Export Search The UMD Neural Machine Translation Systems at WMT17 Bandit Learning Task
[W17-4778]: Amr Sharaf | Shi Feng | Khanh Nguyen | Kiante Brantley | Hal Daumé III


Pdf Export Search Knowledge-Based Semantic Embedding for Machine Translation
[P16-1212]: Chen Shi | Shujie Liu | Shuo Ren | Shi Feng | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Improving Attention Modeling with Implicit Distortion and Fertility for Machine Translation
[C16-1290]: Shi Feng | Shujie Liu | Nan Yang | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Kenny Q. Zhu


Pdf Export Search NDMSCS: A Topic-Based Chinese Microblog Polarity Classification System
[W15-3127]: Yang Wang | Yaqi Wang | Shi Feng | Daling Wang | Yifei Zhang

Pdf Export Search NEUDM: A System for Topic-Based Message Polarity Classification
[W15-3128]: Yaqi Wang | Shi Feng | Daling Wang | Yifei Zhang


Pdf Export Search Is Twitter A Better Corpus for Measuring Sentiment Similarity?
[D13-1091]: Shi Feng | Le Zhang | Binyang Li | Daling Wang | Ge Yu | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search A Unified Graph Model for Sentence-Based Opinion Retrieval
[P10-1139]: Binyang Li | Lanjun Zhou | Shi Feng | Kam-Fai Wong