Pdf Export Search How to Handle Split Antecedents in Tamil?
[W16-0712]: Vijay Sundar Ram | Sobha Lalitha Devi

Pdf Export Search BioDCA Identifier: A System for Automatic Identification of Discourse Connective and Arguments from Biomedical Text
[W16-5110]: Sindhuja Gopalan | Sobha Lalitha Devi


Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Discourse Relation Parser in CoNLL 2015
[K15-2007]: Sobha Lalitha Devi | Sindhuja Gopalan | Lakshmi S | Pattabhi RK Rao | Vijay Sundar Ram | Malarkodi C.S.


Pdf Export Search A Generic Anaphora Resolution Engine for Indian Languages
[C14-1172]: Sobha Lalitha Devi | Vijay Sundar Ram | Pattabhi RK Rao

Pdf Export Search Automatic Conversion of Dialectal Tamil Text to Standard Written Tamil Text using FSTs
[W14-2805]: Marimuthu K | Sobha Lalitha Devi


Pdf Export Search Malayalam Clause Boundary Identifier: Annotation and Evaluation
[W13-4711]: Sobha Lalitha Devi | Lakshmi S


Pdf Export Search Tamil NER - Coping with Real Time Challenges
[W12-5603]: Malarkodi C.S | Pattabhi RK Rao | Sobha Lalitha Devi

Pdf Export Search Clause Boundary Identification for Malayalam Using CRF
[W12-5608]: Lakshmi S | Vijay Sundar Ram R | Sobha Lalitha Devi

Pdf Export Search Resolution for Pronouns in Tamil Using CRF
[W12-5610]: Akilandeswari A | Sobha Lalitha Devi


Pdf Export Search Hybrid Approach for Coreference Resolution
[W11-1914]: Sobha Lalitha Devi | Pattabhi Rao | Vijay Sundar Ram R | M. C S | A. A


Pdf Export Search An alternate approach towards meaningful lyric generation in Tamil
[W10-0305]: Ananth Ramakrishnan A | Sobha Lalitha Devi

Pdf Export Search How to Get the Same News from Different Language News Papers
[W10-4004]: T Pattabhi R K Rao | Sobha Lalitha Devi


Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Tamil Lyrics for Melodies
[W09-2006]: Ananth Ramakrishnan A. | Sankar Kuppan | Sobha Lalitha Devi