Pdf Export Search Corpora with Part-of-Speech Annotations for Three Regional Languages of France: Alsatian, Occitan and Picard
[L18-1619]: Delphine Bernhard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Fanny Martin | Myriam Bras | Pierre Magistry | Marianne Vergez-Couret | Lucie Steiblé | Pascale Erhart | Nabil Hathout | Dominique Huck | Christophe Rey | Philippe Reynés | Sophie Rosset | Jean Sibille | Thomas Lavergne


Pdf Export Search Automatic classification of doctor-patient questions for a virtual patient record query task
[W17-2343]: Leonardo Campillos Llanos | Sophie Rosset | Pierre Zweigenbaum


Pdf Export Search Description of the PatientGenesys Dialogue System
[W15-4660]: Leonardo Campillos Llanos | Dhouha Bouamor | Éric Bilinski | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Sophie Rosset


Pdf Export Search Morpho-Syntactic Study of Errors from Speech Recognition System
[L14-1331]: Maria Goryainova | Cyril Grouin | Sophie Rosset | Ioana Vasilescu

Pdf Export Search Human annotation of ASR error regions: Is "gravity" a sharable concept for human annotators?
[L14-1601]: Daniel Luzzati | Cyril Grouin | Ioana Vasilescu | Martine Adda-Decker | Eric Bilinski | Nathalie Camelin | Juliette Kahn | Carole Lailler | Lori Lamel | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search ETER : a new metric for the evaluation of hierarchical named entity recognition
[L14-1724]: Mohamed Ben Jannet | Martine Adda-Decker | Olivier Galibert | Juliette Kahn | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search A Mapping-Based Approach for General Formal Human Computer Interaction Using Natural Language
[P14-3005]: Vincent Letard | Sophie Rosset | Gabriel Illouz


Pdf Export Search Web pages segmentation for document selection in Question Answering (Pré-segmentation de pages web et sélection de documents pertinents en Questions-Réponses) [in French]
[F13-1035]: Nicolas Foucault | Sophie Rosset | Gilles Adda

Pdf Export Search Automatic Named Entity Pre-annotation for Out-of-domain Human Annotation
[W13-2321]: Sophie Rosset | Cyril Grouin | Thomas Lavergne | Mohamed Ben Jannet | Jérémy Leixa | Olivier Galibert | Pierre Zweigenbaum


Pdf Export Search Methods Combination and ML-based Re-ranking of Multiple Hypothesis for Question-Answering Systems
[W12-0512]: Arnaud Grappy | Brigitte Grau | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Structured Named Entities in two distinct press corpora: Contemporary Broadcast News and Old Newspapers
[W12-3606]: Sophie Rosset | Cyril Grouin | Karën Fort | Olivier Galibert | Juliette Kahn | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Complexity of Manual Annotation Tasks: a Grid of Analysis
[C12-1055]: Karën Fort | Adeline Nazarenko | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Manual Corpus Annotation: Giving Meaning to the Evaluation Metrics
[C12-2079]: Yann Mathet | Antoine Widlöcher | Karën Fort | Claire François | Olivier Galibert | Cyril Grouin | Juliette Kahn | Sophie Rosset | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search Designing French Tale Corpora for Entertaining Text To Speech Synthesis
[L12-1520]: David Doukhan | Sophie Rosset | Albert Rilliard | Christophe d'Alessandro | Martine Adda-Decker

Pdf Export Search Tree-Structured Named Entity Recognition on OCR Data: Analysis, Processing and Results
[L12-1623]: Marco Dinarelli | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Tree Representations in Probabilistic Models for Extended Named Entities Detection
[E12-1018]: Marco Dinarelli | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Quel est l'apport de la détection d'entités nommées pour l'extraction d'information en domaine restreint ? (What is the contribution of named entities detection for information extraction in restric- ted domain ?) [in French]
[F12-2028]: Camille Dutrey | Chloé Clavel | Sophie Rosset | Ioana Vasilescu | Martine Adda-Decker

Pdf Export Search Extended Named Entities Annotation on OCRed Documents: From Corpus Constitution to Evaluation Campaign
[L12-1166]: Olivier Galibert | Sophie Rosset | Cyril Grouin | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Ludovic Quintard


Pdf Export Search Hypotheses Selection Criteria in a Reranking Framework for Spoken Language Understanding
[D11-1102]: Marco Dinarelli | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Proposal for an Extension of Traditional Named Entities: From Guidelines to Evaluation, an Overview
[W11-0411]: Cyril Grouin | Sophie Rosset | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Karën Fort | Olivier Galibert | Ludovic Quintard

Pdf Export Search Language Modeling for Document Selection in Question Answering
[R11-1104]: Nicolas Foucault | Gilles Adda | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Structured and Extended Named Entity Evaluation in Automatic Speech Transcriptions
[I11-1058]: Olivier Galibert | Sophie Rosset | Cyril Grouin | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Ludovic Quintard

Pdf Export Search Models Cascade for Tree-Structured Named Entity Detection
[I11-1142]: Marco Dinarelli | Sophie Rosset


Pdf Export Search Hybrid Citation Extraction from Patents
[L10-1046]: Olivier Galibert | Sophie Rosset | Xavier Tannier | Fanny Grandry

Pdf Export Search Question Answering on Web Data: The QA Evaluation in Quæro
[L10-1125]: Ludovic Quintard | Olivier Galibert | Gilles Adda | Brigitte Grau | Dominique Laurent | Véronique Moriceau | Sophie Rosset | Xavier Tannier | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search Named and Specific Entity Detection in Varied Data: The Quæro Named Entity Baseline Evaluation
[L10-1127]: Olivier Galibert | Ludovic Quintard | Sophie Rosset | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Claire Nédellec | Sophie Aubin | Laurent Gillard | Jean-Pierre Raysz | Delphine Pois | Xavier Tannier | Louise Deléger | Dominique Laurent

Pdf Export Search MACAQ : A Multi Annotated Corpus to Study how we Adapt Answers to Various Questions
[L10-1208]: Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Sophie Rosset | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Protocol and Tools for Question-Answering on Speech Transcripts
[L10-1254]: Nicolas Moreau | Olivier Hamon | Djamel Mostefa | Sophie Rosset | Olivier Galibert | Lori Lamel | Jordi Turmo | Pere R. Comas | Paolo Rosso | Davide Buscaldi | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search On the Role of Discourse Markers in Interactive Spoken Question Answering Systems
[L10-1333]: Ioana Vasilescu | Sophie Rosset | Martine Adda-Decker

Pdf Export Search A Question-answer Distance Measure to Investigate QA System Progress
[L10-1357]: Guillaume Bernard | Sophie Rosset | Martine Adda-Decker | Olivier Galibert


Pdf Export Search Question Answering on Speech Transcriptions: the QAST evaluation in CLEF
[L08-1141]: Lori Lamel | Sophie Rosset | Christelle Ayache | Djamel Mostefa | Jordi Turmo | Pere Comas

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Spoken and Textual Interaction in the RITEL Interactive Question Answering System
[L08-1378]: Dave Toney | Sophie Rosset | Aurélien Max | Olivier Galibert | Eric Bilinski


Pdf Export Search The French MEDIA/EVALDA Project: the Evaluation of the Understanding Capability of Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
[L04-1199]: Laurence Devillers | Hélène Maynard | Sophie Rosset | Patrick Paroubek | Kevin McTait | D. Mostefa | Khalid Choukri | Laurent Charnay | Caroline Bousquet | Nadine Vigouroux | Frédéric Béchet | Laurent Romary | Jean-Yves Antoine | J. Villaneau | Myriam Vergnes | J. Goulian


Pdf Export Search The PEACE SLDS understanding evaluation paradigm of the French MEDIA campaign
[W03-2802]: Laurence Devillers | Hélène Maynard | Patrick Paroubek | Sophie Rosset


Pdf Export Search Predictive and objective evaluation of speech understanding: the “challenge” evaluation campaign of the I3 speech workgroup of the French CNRS.
[L02-1208]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Caroline Bousquet-Vernhettes | Jérôme Goulian | Mohamed Zakaria Kurdi | Sophie Rosset | Nadine Vigouroux | Jeanne Villaneau

Pdf Export Search Annotations for Dynamic Diagnosis of the Dialog State
[L02-1288]: Laurence Devillers | Sophie Rosset | Hélèn Bonneau-Maynard | Lori Lamel