Pdf Export Search What type of happiness are you looking for? - A closer look at detecting mental health from language
[W18-0601]: Alina Arseniev-Koehler | Sharon Mozgai | Stefan Scherer

Pdf Export Search A Linguistically-Informed Fusion Approach for Multimodal Depression Detection
[W18-0602]: Michelle Morales | Stefan Scherer | Rivka Levitan

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of Grand Challenge and Workshop on Human Multimodal Language (Challenge-HML)
[W18-3300]: Amir Zadeh | Paul Pu Liang | Louis-Philippe Morency | Soujanya Poria | Erik Cambria | Stefan Scherer

Pdf Export Search Modeling Temporality of Human Intentions by Domain Adaptation
[D18-1074]: Xiaolei Huang | Lixing Liu | Kate Carey | Joshua Woolley | Stefan Scherer | Brian Borsari

Pdf Export Search Unfolding the External Behavior and Inner Affective State of Teammates through Ensemble Learning: Experimental Evidence from a Dyadic Team Corpus
[L18-1029]: Aggeliki Vlachostergiou | Mark Dennison | Catherine Neubauer | Stefan Scherer | Peter Khooshabeh | Andre Harrison


Pdf Export Search A Cross-modal Review of Indicators for Depression Detection Systems
[W17-3101]: Michelle Morales | Stefan Scherer | Rivka Levitan

Pdf Export Search Affect-LM: A Neural Language Model for Customizable Affective Text Generation
[P17-1059]: Sayan Ghosh | Mathieu Chollet | Eugene Laksana | Louis-Philippe Morency | Stefan Scherer


Pdf Export Search The Distress Analysis Interview Corpus of human and computer interviews
[L14-1421]: Jonathan Gratch | Ron Artstein | Gale Lucas | Giota stratou | Stefan Scherer | Angela Nazarian | Rachel Wood | Jill Boberg | David DeVault | Stacy Marsella | David Traum | Skip Rizzo | Louis-Philippe Morency


Pdf Export Search Verbal indicators of psychological distress in interactive dialogue with a virtual human
[W13-4032]: David DeVault | Kallirroi Georgila | Ron Artstein | Fabrizio Morbini | David Traum | Stefan Scherer | Albert (Skip) Rizzo | Louis-Philippe Morency


Pdf Export Search An audiovisual political speech analysis incorporating eye-tracking and perception data
[L12-1600]: Stefan Scherer | Georg Layher | John Kane | Heiko Neumann | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Vers un mesure automatique de l’adaptation prosodique en interaction conversationnelle (Automatic measurement of prosodic accommodation in conversational interaction) [in French]
[F12-1041]: Céline de Looze | Stefan Scherer | Brian Vaughan | Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search Developing an Expressive Speech Labeling Tool Incorporating the Temporal Characteristics of Emotion
[L10-1061]: Stefan Scherer | Ingo Siegert | Lutz Bigalke | Sascha Meudt

Pdf Export Search An Open Source Process Engine Framework for Realtime Pattern Recognition and Information Fusion Tasks
[L10-1479]: Volker Fritzsch | Stefan Scherer | Friedhelm Schwenker

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of the PIT Corpus Or What a Difference a Face Makes?
[L10-1611]: Petra-Maria Strauß | Stefan Scherer | Georg Layher | Holger Hoffmann


Pdf Export Search The PIT Corpus of German Multi-Party Dialogues
[L08-1013]: Petra-Maria Strauß | Holger Hoffmann | Wolfgang Minker | Heiko Neumann | Günther Palm | Stefan Scherer | Harald Traue | Ulrich Weidenbacher

Pdf Export Search Emotion Recognition from Speech: Stress Experiment
[L08-1082]: Stefan Scherer | Hansjörg Hofmann | Malte Lampmann | Martin Pfeil | Steffen Rhinow | Friedhelm Schwenker | Günther Palm

Pdf Export Search A Flexible Wizard of Oz Environment for Rapid Prototyping
[L08-1482]: Stefan Scherer | Petra-Maria Strauß