Pdf Export Search Survey: Anaphora With Non-nominal Antecedents in Computational Linguistics: a Survey
[J18-3007]: Varada Kolhatkar | Adam Roussel | Stefanie Dipper | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Variance in Historical Data: How bad is it and how can we profit from it for historical linguistics?
[W17-0501]: Stefanie Dipper

Pdf Export Search Investigating Diatopic Variation in a Historical Corpus
[W17-1204]: Stefanie Dipper | Sandra Waldenberger

Pdf Export Search Annotating Orthographic Target Hypotheses in a German L1 Learner Corpus
[W17-5051]: Ronja Laarmann-Quante | Katrin Ortmann | Anna Ehlert | Maurice Vogel | Stefanie Dipper


Pdf Export Search Annotating Spelling Errors in German Texts Produced by Primary School Children
[W16-1705]: Ronja Laarmann-Quante | Lukas Knichel | Stefanie Dipper | Carina Betken

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Inter-Annotator Agreement on Historical Spelling Normalization
[W16-1711]: Marcel Bollmann | Stefanie Dipper | Florian Petran


Pdf Export Search CorA: A web-based annotation tool for historical and other non-standard language data
[W14-0612]: Marcel Bollmann | Florian Petran | Stefanie Dipper | Julia Krasselt


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop and Interoperability with Discourse
[W13-2300]: Antonio Pareja-Lora | Maria Liakata | Stefanie Dipper


Pdf Export Search The Use of Parallel and Comparable Data for Analysis of Abstract Anaphora in German and English
[L12-1038]: Stefanie Dipper | Melanie Seiss | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Rule-Based Normalization of Historical Texts
[W11-4106]: Marcel Bollmann | Florian Petran | Stefanie Dipper


Pdf Export Search OTTO: A Transcription and Management Tool for Historical Texts
[W10-1828]: Stefanie Dipper | Lara Kresse | Martin Schnurrenberger | Seong-Eun Cho


Pdf Export Search Annotating Discourse Anaphora
[W09-3031]: Stefanie Dipper | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Measures for Term and Sentence Relevances: an Evaluation for German
[L08-1353]: Heike Bieler | Stefanie Dipper

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Information Structure: an Evaluation across different Types of Texts
[L08-1354]: Julia Ritz | Stefanie Dipper | Michael Götze


Pdf Export Search Standoff Coordination for Multi-Tool Annotation in a Dialogue Corpus
[W07-1524]: Kepa Joseba Rodríguez | Stefanie Dipper | Michael Götze | Massimo Poesio | Giuseppe Riccardi | Christian Raymond | Joanna Rabiega-Wiśniewska


Pdf Export Search ANNIS: Complex Multilevel Annotations in a Linguistic Database
[W06-2709]: Michael Götze | Stefanie Dipper


Pdf Export Search Grammar Modularity and its Impact on Grammar Documentation
[C04-1001]: Stefanie Dipper

Pdf Export Search Towards User-Adaptive Annotation Guidelines
[W04-1905]: Stefanie Dipper | Michael Götze | Stavros Skopeteas


Pdf Export Search Grammar-Based Corpus Annotation
[W00-1908]: Stefanie Dipper