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Pdf Export Search Presentation Hearst Patterns Revisited: Automatic Hypernym Detection from Large Text Corpora
[P18-2057]: Stephen Roller | Douwe Kiela | Maximilian Nickel


Pdf Export Search Distributional Modeling on a Diet: One-shot Word Learning from Text Only
[I17-1021]: Su Wang | Stephen Roller | Katrin Erk


Pdf Export Search Relations such as Hypernymy: Identifying and Exploiting Hearst Patterns in Distributional Vectors for Lexical Entailment
[D16-1234]: Stephen Roller | Katrin Erk

Pdf Export Search Representing Meaning with a Combination of Logical and Distributional Models
[J16-4007]: I. Beltagy | Stephen Roller | Pengxiang Cheng | Katrin Erk | Raymond J. Mooney

Pdf Export Search PIC a Different Word: A Simple Model for Lexical Substitution in Context
[N16-1131]: Stephen Roller | Katrin Erk

Pdf Export Search MGNC-CNN: A Simple Approach to Exploiting Multiple Word Embeddings for Sentence Classification
[N16-1178]: Ye Zhang | Stephen Roller | Byron C. Wallace


Pdf Export Search Inclusive yet Selective: Supervised Distributional Hypernymy Detection
[C14-1097]: Stephen Roller | Katrin Erk | Gemma Boleda

Pdf Export Search UTexas: Natural Language Semantics using Distributional Semantics and Probabilistic Logic
[S14-2141]: Islam Beltagy | Stephen Roller | Gemma Boleda | Katrin Erk | Raymond Mooney

Pdf Export Search Feature Norms of German Noun Compounds
[W14-0818]: Stephen Roller | Sabine Schulte im Walde


Pdf Export Search A Multimodal LDA Model integrating Textual, Cognitive and Visual Modalities
[D13-1115]: Stephen Roller | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search The (Un)expected Effects of Applying Standard Cleansing Models to Human Ratings on Compositionality
[W13-1005]: Stephen Roller | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Silke Scheible


Pdf Export Search Supervised Text-based Geolocation Using Language Models on an Adaptive Grid
[D12-1137]: Stephen Roller | Michael Speriosu | Sarat Rallapalli | Benjamin Wing | Jason Baldridge