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Pdf Export Search Signbank: Software to Support Web Based Dictionaries of Sign Language
[L18-1374]: Steve Cassidy | Onno Crasborn | Henri Nieminen | Wessel Stoop | Micha Hulsbosch | Susan Even | Erwin Komen | Trevor Johnson


Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2017 ALTA Shared Task: Correcting OCR Errors
[U17-1014]: Diego Mollá-Aliod | Steve Cassidy


Pdf Export Search Finding Names in Trove: Named Entity Recognition for Australian Historical Newspapers
[U15-1007]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Steve Cassidy


Pdf Export Search AusTalk: an audio-visual corpus of Australian English
[L14-1432]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy | Felicity Cox | Denis Burnham

Pdf Export Search The Alveo Virtual Laboratory: A Web Based Repository API
[L14-1501]: Steve Cassidy | Dominique Estival | Timothy Jones | Denis Burnham | Jared Burghold

Pdf Export Search Alveo, a Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory
[U14-1013]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy

Pdf Export Search Integrating UIMA with Alveo, a human communication science virtual laboratory
[W14-5202]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy | Karin Verspoor | Andrew MacKinlay | Denis Burnham


Pdf Export Search Interoperable Annotation in the Australian National Corpus
[W13-0504]: Steve Cassidy


Pdf Export Search The Australian National Corpus: National Infrastructure for Language Resources
[L12-1206]: Steve Cassidy | Michael Haugh | Pam Peters | Mark Fallu


Pdf Export Search Ingesting the Auslan Corpus into the DADA Annotation Store
[W09-3028]: Steve Cassidy | Trevor Johnston


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition in Question Answering of Speech Data
[U07-1010]: Diego Mollá | Menno van Zaanen | Steve Cassidy


Pdf Export Search Formal Grammars for Linguistic Treebank Queries
[U05-1015]: Mark Dras | Steve Cassidy


Pdf Export Search XQuery as an Annotation Query Language: a Use Case Analysis.
[L02-1112]: Steve Cassidy