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Pdf Export Search Poster Note Document Similarity for Texts of Varying Lengths via Hidden Topics
[P18-1218]: Hongyu Gong | Tarek Sakakini | Suma Bhat | JinJun Xiong

Pdf Export Search Attachment Preposition Sense Disambiguation and Representation
[D18-1180]: Hongyu Gong | Jiaqi Mu | Suma Bhat | Pramod Viswanath

Pdf Export Search Embedding Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions via Tensor Decomposition
[N18-1082]: Hongyu Gong | Suma Bhat | Pramod Viswanath


Pdf Export Search Software Dataset Presentation MORSE: Semantic-ally Drive-n MORpheme SEgment-er
[P17-1051]: Tarek Sakakini | Suma Bhat | Pramod Viswanath

Pdf Export Search Representing Sentences as Low-Rank Subspaces
[P17-2099]: Jiaqi Mu | Suma Bhat | Pramod Viswanath


Pdf Export Search Shallow Analysis Based Assessment of Syntactic Complexity for Automated Speech Scoring
[P14-1123]: Suma Bhat | Huichao Xue | Su-Youn Yoon

Pdf Export Search Machine-guided Solution to Mathematical Word Problems
[Y14-1015]: Bussaba Amnueypornsakul | Suma Bhat

Pdf Export Search Predicting Attrition Along the Way: The UIUC Model
[W14-4110]: Bussaba Amnueypornsakul | Suma Bhat | Phakpoom Chinprutthiwong


Pdf Export Search Statistical Stemming for Kannada
[W13-4704]: Suma Bhat


Pdf Export Search Assessment of ESL Learners' Syntactic Competence Based on Similarity Measures
[D12-1055]: Su-Youn Yoon | Suma Bhat

Pdf Export Search Vocabulary Profile as a Measure of Vocabulary Sophistication
[W12-2021]: Su-Youn Yoon | Suma Bhat | Klaus Zechner

Pdf Export Search Morpheme Segmentation for Kannada Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
[W12-5007]: Suma Bhat


Pdf Export Search Knowing the Unseen: Estimating Vocabulary Size over Unseen Samples
[P09-1013]: Suma Bhat | Richard Sproat


Pdf Export Search UIUC: A Knowledge-rich Approach to Identifying Semantic Relations between Nominals
[S07-1085]: Brandon Beamer | Suma Bhat | Brant Chee | Andrew Fister | Alla Rozovskaya | Roxana Girju