Pdf Export Search Automatically Detecting Syntactic Errors in Sentences Writing by Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language
[O15-2004]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Yao-Ting Sung | Jia-Fei Hong

Pdf Export Search Introduction to a Proofreading Tool for Chinese Spelling Check Task of SIGHAN-8
[W15-3109]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Hsueh-Chih Chen | Cheng-Han Yang

Pdf Export Search CT-SPA: Text sentiment polarity prediction model using semi-automatically expanded sentiment lexicon
[W15-3125]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Ming-Jhih Lin | Chun-Hsien Chen | Shao-Yu Wang


Pdf Export Search 使用中文字筆畫構形資料庫校正字形相似之別字 (Using Chinese Orthography Database to Correct Chinese Misspelling Words With Graphemic Similarity) [In Chinese]
[O14-1015]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Hsueh-Chih Chen | Jian-Liang Zheng


Pdf Export Search 基於特徵為本及使用SVM 的文本對蘊涵關係的自動推論方法 (Textual Entailment Recognition Using Textual Features and SVM) [In Chinese]
[O13-1027]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Yao-Chi Hsu | Chung-Wei Chang | Yao-Chuan Hsu | Hsueh-Chih Chen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection and Correction for Chinese Misspelled Words Using Phonological and Orthographic Similarities
[W13-4418]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Hsueh-Chih Chen | Yuen-Hsien Tseng | Jian-Liang Zheng


Pdf Export Search 字形相似別字之自動校正方法 (Automatic Correction for Graphemic Chinese Misspelled Words) [In Chinese]
[O12-1012]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Shou-Yen Su | Hsueh-Chih Chen


Pdf Export Search 應用詞彙、語法與語料規則於中文手寫句辨識之校正模組 (Revision for Recognizing Chinese Handwritten Sentences Based on Lexical, Syntactical and Corpus Rules) [In Chinese]
[O11-2004]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Chia-Bin Chou | Shou-Yen Su | Chien-Liang Liu


Pdf Export Search Enhancing Automatic Chinese Essay Scoring System from Figures-of-Speech
[Y06-1004]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Chia-Hoang Lee | Yu-Ming Chang


Pdf Export Search Topic Segmentation for Short Texts
[Y03-1018]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Chia-Honag Lee