Pdf Export Search NT2Lex: A CEFR-Graded Lexical Resource for Dutch as a Foreign Language Linked to Open Dutch WordNet
[W18-0514]: Anaïs Tack | Thomas François | Piet Desmet | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search The Interface Between Readability and Automatic Text Simplification
[W18-7001]: Thomas François

Pdf Export Search Assisted Lexical Simplification for French Native Children with Reading Difficulties
[W18-7004]: Firas Hmida | Mokhtar B. Billami | Thomas François | Núria Gala

Pdf Export Search ReSyf: a French lexicon with ranked synonyms
[C18-1218]: Mokhtar Boumedyen BILLAMI | Thomas François | Nuria Gala


Pdf Export Search Human and Automated CEFR-based Grading of Short Answers
[W17-5018]: Anaïs Tack | Thomas François | Sophie Roekhaut | Cédrick Fairon


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Linguistic Complexity (CL4LC)
[W16-4100]: Dominique Brunato | Felice Dell’Orletta | Giulia Venturi | Thomas François | Philippe Blache

Pdf Export Search SweLLex: Second language learners’ productive vocabulary
[W16-6510]: Elena Volodina | Ildikó Pilán | Lorena Llozhi | Baptiste Degryse | Thomas François


Pdf Export Search A model to predict lexical complexity and to grade words (Un modèle pour prédire la complexité lexicale et graduer les mots) [in French]
[F14-1009]: Núria Gala | Thomas François | Delphine Bernhard | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search AMesure: a readability formula for administrative texts (AMESURE: une plateforme de lisibilité pour les textes administratifs) [in French]
[F14-2014]: Thomas François | Laetitia Brouwers | Hubert Naets | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search An analysis of a French as a Foreign Language Corpus for Readability Assessment
[W14-3502]: Thomas François


Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of contextual valence shifters.
[R13-1013]: Noémi Boubel | Thomas François | Hubert Naets


Pdf Export Search An ``AI readability'' Formula for French as a Foreign Language
[D12-1043]: Thomas François | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search Do NLP and machine learning improve traditional readability formulas?
[W12-2207]: Thomas François | Eleni Miltsakaki

Pdf Export Search Simplification syntaxique de phrases pour le français (Syntactic Simplification for French Sentences) [in French]
[F12-2016]: Laetitia Brouwers | Delphine Bernhard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Thomas François


Pdf Export Search An N-gram Frequency Database Reference to Handle MWE Extraction in NLP Applications
[W11-0813]: Patrick Watrin | Thomas François

Pdf Export Search On the Contribution of MWE-based Features to a Readability Formula for French as a Foreign Language
[R11-1061]: Thomas François | Patrick Watrin


Pdf Export Search Combining a Statistical Language Model with Logistic Regression to Predict the Lexical and Syntactic Difficulty of Texts for FFL
[E09-3003]: Thomas François