Pdf Export Search EmotiKLUE at IEST 2018: Topic-Informed Classification of Implicit Emotions
[W18-6234]: Thomas Proisl | Philipp Heinrich | Besim Kabashi | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search SoMeWeTa: A Part-of-Speech Tagger for German Social Media and Web Texts
[L18-1106]: Thomas Proisl

Pdf Export Search Albanian Part-of-Speech Tagging: Gold Standard and Evaluation
[L18-1412]: Besim Kabashi | Thomas Proisl

Pdf Export Search Delta vs. N-Gram Tracing: Evaluating the Robustness of Authorship Attribution Methods
[L18-1523]: Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert | Fotis Jannidis | Christof Schöch | Leonard Konle | Steffen Pielström


Pdf Export Search SoMaJo: State-of-the-art tokenization for German web and social media texts
[W16-2607]: Thomas Proisl | Peter Uhrig


Pdf Export Search SemantiKLUE: Semantic Textual Similarity with Maximum Weight Matching
[S15-2020]: Nataliia Plotnikova | Gabriella Lapesa | Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Towards a better understanding of Burrows’s Delta in literary authorship attribution
[W15-0709]: Stefan Evert | Thomas Proisl | Thorsten Vitt | Christof Schöch | Fotis Jannidis | Steffen Pielström


Pdf Export Search SemantiKLUE: Robust Semantic Similarity at Multiple Levels Using Maximum Weight Matching
[S14-2093]: Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert | Paul Greiner | Besim Kabashi

Pdf Export Search SentiKLUE: Updating a Polarity Classifier in 48 Hours
[S14-2096]: Stefan Evert | Thomas Proisl | Paul Greiner | Besim Kabashi


Pdf Export Search KLUE-CORE: A regression model of semantic textual similarity
[S13-1026]: Paul Greiner | Thomas Proisl | Stefan Evert | Besim Kabashi

Pdf Export Search KLUE: Simple and robust methods for polarity classification
[S13-2065]: Thomas Proisl | Paul Greiner | Stefan Evert | Besim Kabashi


Pdf Export Search Efficient Dependency Graph Matching with the IMS Open Corpus Workbench
[L12-1412]: Thomas Proisl | Peter Uhrig


Pdf Export Search Using High-Quality Resources in NLP: The Valency Dictionary of English as a Resource for Left-Associative Grammars
[L10-1031]: Thomas Proisl | Besim Kabashi