Pdf Export Search Analysis of Rhythmic Phrasing: Feature Engineering vs. Representation Learning for Classifying Readout Poetry
[W18-4505]: Timo Baumann | Hussein Hussein | Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek

Pdf Export Search Style Detection for Free Verse Poetry from Text and Speech
[C18-1164]: Timo Baumann | Hussein Hussein | Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek


Pdf Export Search Predictive Incremental Parsing Helps Language Modeling
[C16-1026]: Arne Köhn | Timo Baumann

Pdf Export Search Large-scale Analysis of Spoken Free-verse Poetry
[W16-4017]: Timo Baumann | Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek


Pdf Export Search Situationally Aware In-Car Information Presentation Using Incremental Speech Generation: Safer, and More Effective
[W14-0212]: Spyros Kousidis | Casey Kennington | Timo Baumann | Hendrik Buschmeier | Stefan Kopp | David Schlangen


Pdf Export Search Open-ended, Extensible System Utterances Are Preferred, Even If They Require Filled Pauses
[W13-4042]: Timo Baumann | David Schlangen


Pdf Export Search Joint Satisfaction of Syntactic and Pragmatic Constraints Improves Incremental Spoken Language Understanding
[E12-1052]: Andreas Peldszus | Okko Buß | Timo Baumann | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search INPRO_iSS: A Component for Just-In-Time Incremental Speech Synthesis
[P12-3018]: Timo Baumann | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Combining Incremental Language Generation and Incremental Speech Synthesis for Adaptive Information Presentation
[W12-1641]: Hendrik Buschmeier | Timo Baumann | Benjamin Dosch | Stefan Kopp | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search The InproTK 2012 release
[W12-1814]: Timo Baumann | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Generating Situated Assisting Utterances to Facilitate Tactile-Map Understanding: A Prototype System
[W12-2908]: Kris Lohmann | Ole Eichhorn | Timo Baumann


Pdf Export Search Predicting the Micro-Timing of User Input for an Incremental Spoken Dialogue System that Completes a User's Ongoing Turn
[W11-2015]: Timo Baumann | David Schlangen


Pdf Export Search Comparing Local and Sequential Models for Statistical Incremental Natural Language Understanding
[W10-4302]: Silvan Heintze | Timo Baumann | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Middleware for Incremental Processing in Conversational Agents
[W10-4308]: David Schlangen | Timo Baumann | Hendrik Buschmeier | Okko Buß | Stefan Kopp | Gabriel Skantze | Ramin Yaghoubzadeh

Pdf Export Search Collaborating on Utterances with a Spoken Dialogue System Using an ISU-based Approach to Incremental Dialogue Management
[W10-4342]: Okko Buß | Timo Baumann | David Schlangen


Pdf Export Search Assessing and Improving the Performance of Speech Recognition for Incremental Systems
[N09-1043]: Timo Baumann | Michaela Atterer | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Incremental Reference Resolution: The Task, Metrics for Evaluation, and a Bayesian Filtering Model that is Sensitive to Disfluencies
[W09-3905]: David Schlangen | Timo Baumann | Michaela Atterer

Pdf Export Search TELIDA: A Package for Manipulation and Visualization of Timed Linguistic Data
[W09-3943]: Titus von der Malsburg | Timo Baumann | David Schlangen


Pdf Export Search Towards Incremental End-of-Utterance Detection in Dialogue Systems
[C08-2003]: Michaela Atterer | Timo Baumann | David Schlangen