Pdf Export Search Note Knowledgeable Reader: Enhancing Cloze-Style Reading Comprehension with External Commonsense Knowledge
[P18-1076]: Todor Mihaylov | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Attachment Can a Suit of Armor Conduct Electricity? A New Dataset for Open Book Question Answering
[D18-1260]: Todor Mihaylov | Peter Clark | Tushar Khot | Ashish Sabharwal


Pdf Export Search Story Cloze Ending Selection Baselines and Data Examination
[W17-0913]: Todor Mihaylov | Anette Frank


Pdf Export Search Discourse Relation Sense Classification Using Cross-argument Semantic Similarity Based on Word Embeddings
[K16-2014]: Todor Mihaylov | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Hunting for Troll Comments in News Community Forums
[P16-2065]: Todor Mihaylov | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search SUper Team at SemEval-2016 Task 3: Building a Feature-Rich System for Community Question Answering
[S16-1129]: Tsvetomila Mihaylova | Pepa Gencheva | Martin Boyanov | Ivana Yovcheva | Todor Mihaylov | Momchil Hardalov | Yasen Kiprov | Daniel Balchev | Ivan Koychev | Preslav Nakov | Ivelina Nikolova | Galia Angelova

Pdf Export Search SemanticZ at SemEval-2016 Task 3: Ranking Relevant Answers in Community Question Answering Using Semantic Similarity Based on Fine-tuned Word Embeddings
[S16-1136]: Todor Mihaylov | Preslav Nakov


Pdf Export Search Finding Opinion Manipulation Trolls in News Community Forums
[K15-1032]: Todor Mihaylov | Georgi Georgiev | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Exposing Paid Opinion Manipulation Trolls
[R15-1058]: Todor Mihaylov | Ivan Koychev | Georgi Georgiev | Preslav Nakov


Pdf Export Search SU-FMI: System Description for SemEval-2014 Task 9 on Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
[S14-2103]: Boris Velichkov | Borislav Kapukaranov | Ivan Grozev | Jeni Karanesheva | Todor Mihaylov | Yasen Kiprov | Preslav Nakov | Ivan Koychev | Georgi Georgiev