Pdf Export Search Joint Modeling for Query Expansion and Information Extraction with Reinforcement Learning
[W18-5506]: Motoki Taniguchi | Yasuhide Miura | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search Integrating Entity Linking and Evidence Ranking for Fact Extraction and Verification
[W18-5520]: Motoki Taniguchi | Tomoki Taniguchi | Takumi Takahashi | Yasuhide Miura | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search Integrating Tree Structures and Graph Structures with Neural Networks to Classify Discussion Discourse Acts
[C18-1322]: Yasuhide Miura | Ryuji Kano | Motoki Taniguchi | Tomoki Taniguchi | Shotaro Misawa | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search Harnessing Popularity in Social Media for Extractive Summarization of Online Conversations
[D18-1144]: Ryuji Kano | Yasuhide Miura | Motoki Taniguchi | Yan-Ying Chen | Francine Chen | Tomoko Ohkuma


Pdf Export Search Character-based Bidirectional LSTM-CRF with words and characters for Japanese Named Entity Recognition
[W17-4114]: Shotaro Misawa | Motoki Taniguchi | Yasuhide Miura | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search Presentation Unifying Text, Metadata, and User Network Representations with a Neural Network for Geolocation Prediction
[P17-1116]: Yasuhide Miura | Motoki Taniguchi | Tomoki Taniguchi | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search Using Social Networks to Improve Language Variety Identification with Neural Networks
[I17-2045]: Yasuhide Miura | Tomoki Taniguchi | Motoki Taniguchi | Shotaro Misawa | Tomoko Ohkuma


Pdf Export Search A Simple Scalable Neural Networks based Model for Geolocation Prediction in Twitter
[W16-3931]: Yasuhide Miura | Motoki Taniguchi | Tomoki Taniguchi | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search MedNLPDoc: Japanese Shared Task for Clinical NLP
[W16-4203]: Eiji Aramaki | Yoshinobu Kano | Tomoko Ohkuma | Mizuki Morita

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis for Low Resource Languages: A Study on Informal Indonesian Tweets
[W16-5415]: Tuan Anh Le | David Moeljadi | Yasuhide Miura | Tomoko Ohkuma


Pdf Export Search A Weighted Combination of Text and Image Classifiers for User Gender Inference
[W15-2814]: Tomoki Taniguchi | Shigeyuki Sakaki | Ryosuke Shigenaka | Yukihiro Tsuboshita | Tomoko Ohkuma


Pdf Export Search TeamX: A Sentiment Analyzer with Enhanced Lexicon Mapping and Weighting Scheme for Unbalanced Data
[S14-2111]: Yasuhide Miura | Shigeyuki Sakaki | Keigo Hattori | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search Twitter User Gender Inference Using Combined Analysis of Text and Image Processing
[W14-5408]: Shigeyuki Sakaki | Yasuhide Miura | Xiaojun Ma | Keigo Hattori | Tomoko Ohkuma


Pdf Export Search Topic Modeling with Sentiment Clues and Relaxed Labeling Schema
[W13-4102]: Yasuhide Miura | Keigo Hattori | Tomoko Ohkuma | Hiroshi Masuichi

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Knowledge Resources to Enhance Medical Information Extraction
[W13-4601]: Yasuhide Miura | Tomoko Ohkuma | Hiroshi Masuichi | Emiko Yamada Shinohara | Eiji Aramaki | Kazuhiko Ohe


Pdf Export Search Adverse-Effect Relations Extraction from Massive Clinical Records
[W10-3911]: Yasuhide Miura | Eiji Aramaki | Tomoko Ohkuma | Masatsugu Tonoike | Daigo Sugihara | Hiroshi Masuichi | Kazuhiko Ohe


Pdf Export Search TEXT2TABLE: Medical Text Summarization System Based on Named Entity Recognition and Modality Identification
[W09-1324]: Eiji Aramaki | Yasuhide Miura | Masatsugu Tonoike | Tomoko Ohkuma | Hiroshi Mashuichi | Kazuhiko Ohe


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y04-1000]: Hiroshi Masuichi | Tomoko Ohkuma | Kiyoshi Ishikawa | Yasunari Harada | Kei Yoshimoto


Pdf Export Search The Treatment of Japanese Focus Particles Based on Lexical-Functional Grammar
[Y03-1050]: Tomoko Ohkuma | Hiroshi Masuichi | Hiroki Yoshimura | Yasunari Harada