Pdf Export Search ArgumenText: Searching for Arguments in Heterogeneous Sources
[N18-5005]: Christian Stab | Johannes Daxenberger | Chris Stahlhut | Tristan Miller | Benjamin Schiller | Christopher Tauchmann | Steffen Eger | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Attachment Cross-topic Argument Mining from Heterogeneous Sources
[D18-1402]: Christian Stab | Tristan Miller | Benjamin Schiller | Pranav Rai | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search Metaheuristic Approaches to Lexical Substitution and Simplification
[E17-1082]: Sallam Abualhaija | Tristan Miller | Judith Eckle-Kohler | Iryna Gurevych | Karl-Heinz Zimmermann

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2017 Task 7: Detection and Interpretation of English Puns
[S17-2005]: Tristan Miller | Christian Hempelmann | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search CNN- and LSTM-based Claim Classification in Online User Comments
[C16-1258]: Chinnappa Guggilla | Tristan Miller | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search Automatic disambiguation of English puns
[P15-1070]: Tristan Miller | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search WordNet―Wikipedia―Wiktionary: Construction of a Three-way Alignment
[L14-1345]: Tristan Miller | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search DKPro WSD: A Generalized UIMA-based Framework for Word Sense Disambiguation
[P13-4007]: Tristan Miller | Nicolai Erbs | Hans-Peter Zorn | Torsten Zesch | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search Using Distributional Similarity for Lexical Expansion in Knowledge-based Word Sense Disambiguation
[C12-1109]: Tristan Miller | Chris Biemann | Torsten Zesch | Iryna Gurevych


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Latent Semantic Relations in Highly Linked Hypertext for Information Retrieval in Wikis
[R09-1045]: Tristan Miller | Bertin Klein | Elisabeth Wolf