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Pdf Export Search Improving Hate Speech Detection with Deep Learning Ensembles
[L18-1404]: Steven Zimmerman | Udo Kruschwitz | Chris Fox

Pdf Export Search Scalable Visualisation of Sentiment and Stance
[L18-1660]: Jon Chamberlain | Udo Kruschwitz | Orland Hoeber

Pdf Export Search Attachment A Probabilistic Annotation Model for Crowdsourcing Coreference
[D18-1218]: Silviu Paun | Jon Chamberlain | Udo Kruschwitz | Juntao Yu | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search Combining Minimally-supervised Methods for Arabic Named Entity Recognition
[Q15-1018]: Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization of Single and Multi-Documents, On-line Fora, and Call-center Conversations
[W15-4638]: George Giannakopoulos | Jeff Kubina | John Conroy | Josef Steinberger | Benoit Favre | Mijail Kabadjov | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search Automatic Creation of Arabic Named Entity Annotated Corpus Using Wikipedia
[E14-3012]: Maha Althobaiti | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search AraNLP: a Java-based Library for the Processing of Arabic Text.
[L14-1498]: Maha Althobaiti | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search A Semi-supervised Learning Approach to Arabic Named Entity Recognition
[R13-1005]: Maha Althobaiti | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search Assessing Crowdsourcing Quality through Objective Tasks
[L12-1330]: Ahmet Aker | Mahmoud El-Haj | M-Dyaa Albakour | Udo Kruschwitz

Pdf Export Search Applying Random Indexing to Structured Data to Find Contextually Similar Words
[L12-1361]: Danica Damljanovic | Udo Kruschwitz | M-Dyaa Albakour | Johann Petrak | Mihai Lupu

Pdf Export Search Finding the Right Supervisor: Expert-Finding in a University Domain
[N12-2001]: Fawaz Alarfaj | Udo Kruschwitz | David Hunter | Chris Fox


Pdf Export Search Constructing an Anaphorically Annotated Corpus with Non-Experts: Assessing the Quality of Collaborative Annotations
[W09-3309]: Jon Chamberlain | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search ANAWIKI: Creating Anaphorically Annotated Resources through Web Cooperation
[L08-1329]: Massimo Poesio | Udo Kruschwitz | Chamberlain Jon

Pdf Export Search Addressing the Resource Bottleneck to Create Large-Scale Annotated Texts
[W08-2230]: Jon Chamberlain | Massimo Poesio | Udo Kruschwitz