Pdf Export Search Creating a gold standard corpus for terminological annotation from online forum data
[W17-7002]: Anna Hätty | Simon Tannert | Ulrich Heid


Pdf Export Search Acquisition of semantic relations between terms: how far can we get with standard NLP tools?
[W16-4706]: Ina Roesiger | Julia Bettinger | Johannes Schäfer | Michael Dorna | Ulrich Heid


Pdf Export Search Adapting a part-of-speech tagset to non-standard text: The case of STTS
[L14-1565]: Heike Zinsmeister | Ulrich Heid | Kathrin Beck


Pdf Export Search Towards a Tool for Interactive Concept Building for Large Scale Analysis in the Humanities
[W13-2708]: Andre Blessing | Jonathan Sonntag | Fritz Kliche | Ulrich Heid | Jonas Kuhn | Manfred Stede


Pdf Export Search Adapting and evaluating a generic term extraction tool
[L12-1436]: Anita Gojun | Ulrich Heid | Bernd Weißbach | Carola Loth | Insa Mingers

Pdf Export Search Analyzing and Aligning German compound nouns
[L12-1484]: Marion Weller | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search A Tool/Database Interface for Multi-Level Analyses
[L12-1486]: Kurt Eberle | Kerstin Eckart | Ulrich Heid | Boris Haselbach

Pdf Export Search Approximating Theoretical Linguistics Classification in Real Data: the Case of German “nach” Particle Verbs
[C12-1068]: Boris Haselbach | Kerstin Eckart | Wolfgang Seeker | Kurt Eberle | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search French and German Corpora for Audience-based Text Type Classification
[L12-1286]: Amalia Todirascu | Sebastian Pado | Jennifer Krisch | Max Kisselew | Ulrich Heid


Pdf Export Search The Development of a Morphosyntactic Tagset for Afrikaans and its Use with Statistical Tagging
[L10-1220]: Boris Haselbach | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search Term and Collocation Extraction by Means of Complex Linguistic Web Services
[L10-1251]: Ulrich Heid | Fabienne Fritzinger | Erhard Hinrichs | Marie Hinrichs | Thomas Zastrow

Pdf Export Search Design and Application of a Gold Standard for Morphological Analysis: SMOR as an Example of Morphological Evaluation
[L10-1282]: Gertrud Faaß | Ulrich Heid | Helmut Schmid

Pdf Export Search Extraction of German Multiword Expressions from Parsed Corpora Using Context Features
[L10-1293]: Marion Weller | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search Building a Cross-lingual Relatedness Thesaurus using a Graph Similarity Measure
[L10-1346]: Lukas Michelbacher | Florian Laws | Beate Dorow | Ulrich Heid | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search A Corpus Representation Format for Linguistic Web Services: The D-SPIN Text Corpus Format and its Relationship with ISO Standards
[L10-1348]: Ulrich Heid | Helmut Schmid | Kerstin Eckart | Erhard Hinrichs

Pdf Export Search A Survey of Idiomatic Preposition-Noun-Verb Triples on Token Level
[L10-1504]: Fabienne Fritzinger | Marion Weller | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search A Linguistically Grounded Graph Model for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction
[C10-2070]: Florian Laws | Lukas Michelbacher | Beate Dorow | Christian Scheible | Ulrich Heid | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging of Northern Sotho: Disambiguating Polysemous Function Words
[W09-0706]: Gertrud Faaß | Ulrich Heid | Elsabé Taljard | Danie Prinsloo


Pdf Export Search Formalising Multi-layer Corpora in OWL DL - Lexicon Modelling, Querying and Consistency Control
[I08-1051]: Aljoscha Burchardt | Sebastian Padó | Dennis Spohr | Anette Frank | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search Evaluating a German Sketch Grammar: A Case Study on Noun Phrase Case
[L08-1011]: Kremena Ivanova | Ulrich Heid | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Adam Kilgarriff | Jan Pomikalek

Pdf Export Search Tools for Collocation Extraction: Preferences for Active vs. Passive
[L08-1076]: Ulrich Heid | Marion Weller

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to Extracting and Classifying Verb+Noun Constructions
[L08-1448]: Amalia Todiraşcu | Dan Tufiş | Ulrich Heid | Christopher Gledhill | Dan Ştefanescu | Marion Weller | François Rousselot

Pdf Export Search Head or Non-head? Semi-automatic Procedures for Extracting and Classifying Subcategorisation Properties of Compounds.
[L08-1449]: Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search A LAF/GrAF based Encoding Scheme for underspecified Representations of syntactic Annotations.
[L08-1450]: Manuel Kountz | Ulrich Heid | Kerstin Eckart


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability
[W06-1000]: Andreas Witt | Gilles Sérasset | Susan Armstrong | Jim Breen | Ulrich Heid | Felix Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Modeling Monolingual and Bilingual Collocation Dictionaries in Description Logics
[W06-2409]: Dennis Spohr | Ulrich Heid


Pdf Export Search SMOR: A German Computational Morphology Covering Derivation, Composition and Inflection
[L04-1275]: Helmut Schmid | Arne Fitschen | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search Identifying Morphosyntactic Preferences in Collocations
[L04-1314]: Stefan Evert | Ulrich Heid | Kristina Spranger

Pdf Export Search Tools for Upgrading Printed Dictionaries by Means of Corpus-based Lexical Acquisition
[L04-1360]: Ulrich Heid | Bettina Säuberlich | Esther Debus-Gregor | Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht

Pdf Export Search Querying Both Time-aligned and Hierarchical Corpora with NXT Search
[L04-1368]: Ulrich Heid | Holger Voormann | Jan-Torsten Milde | Ulrike Gut | Katrin Erk | Sebastian Padó


Pdf Export Search Using Descriptive Generalisations in the Acquisition of Lexical Data for Word Formation.
[L02-1190]: Ulrich Heid | Bettina Säuberlich | Arne Fitschen

Pdf Export Search Advanced Tools for the Study of Natural Interactivity.
[L02-1236]: Claudia Soria | Niels Ole Bernsen | Niels Cadée | Jean Carletta | Laila Dybkjær | Stefan Evert | Ulrich Heid | Amy Isard | Mykola Kolodnytsky | Christoph Lauer | Wolfgang Lezius | Lucas P.J.J. Noldus | Vito Pirrelli | Norbert Reithinger | Andreas Vögele