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Pdf Export Search A Graphical Citation Browser for the ACL Anthology
[L12-1474]: Benjamin Weitz | Ulrich Schäfer

Pdf Export Search A Fully Coreference-annotated Corpus of Scholarly Papers from the ACL Anthology
[C12-2103]: Ulrich Schäfer | Christian Spurk | Jörg Steffen

Pdf Export Search Extracting glossary sentences from scholarly articles: A comparative evaluation of pattern bootstrapping and deep analysis
[W12-3206]: Melanie Reiplinger | Ulrich Schäfer | Magdalena Wolska

Pdf Export Search Towards an ACL Anthology Corpus with Logical Document Structure. An Overview of the ACL 2012 Contributed Task
[W12-3210]: Ulrich Schäfer | Jonathon Read | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Combining OCR Outputs for Logical Document Structure Markup. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task
[W12-3212]: Ulrich Schäfer | Benjamin Weitz


Pdf Export Search The ACL Anthology Searchbench
[P11-4002]: Ulrich Schäfer | Bernd Kiefer | Christian Spurk | Jörg Steffen | Rui Wang

Pdf Export Search Dataset Ensemble-style Self-training on Citation Classification
[I11-1070]: Cailing Dong | Ulrich Schäfer


Pdf Export Search Towards an Integrated Architecture for Composite Language Services and Multiple Linguistic Processing Components
[L10-1495]: Arif Bramantoro | Ulrich Schäfer | Toru Ishida

Pdf Export Search Scientific Authoring Support: A Tool to Navigate in Typed Citation Graphs
[W10-0402]: Ulrich Schäfer | Uwe Kasterka

Pdf Export Search DL Meet FL: A Bidirectional Mapping between Ontologies and Linguistic Knowledge
[C10-2067]: Hans-Ulrich Krieger | Ulrich Schäfer


Pdf Export Search Extracting and Querying Relations in Scientific Papers on Language Technology
[L08-1251]: Ulrich Schäfer | Hans Uszkoreit | Christian Federmann | Torsten Marek | Yajing Zhang


Pdf Export Search Middleware for Creating and Combining Multi-dimensional NLP Markup
[W06-2714]: Ulrich Schäfer


Pdf Export Search The DeepThought Core Architecture Framework
[L04-1375]: Ulrich Callmeier | Andreas Eisele | Ulrich Schäfer | Melanie Siegel


Pdf Export Search Integrated Shallow and Deep Parsing: TopP Meets HPSG
[P03-1014]: Anette Frank | Markus Becker | Berthold Crysmann | Bernd Kiefer | Ulrich Schäfer

Pdf Export Search WHAT: An XSLT-based Infrastructure for the Integration of Natural Language Processing Components
[W03-0802]: Ulrich Schäfer