Pdf Export Search Corpora of Typical Sentences
[L18-1688]: Lydia Müller | Uwe Quasthoff | Maciej Sumalvico

Pdf Export Search Preparation and Usage of Xhosa Lexicographical Data for a Multilingual, Federated Environment
[L18-1692]: Sonja Bosch | Thomas Eckart | Bettina Klimek | Dirk Goldhahn | Uwe Quasthoff


Pdf Export Search Vocabulary-Based Language Similarity using Web Corpora
[L14-1373]: Dirk Goldhahn | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search High Quality Word Lists as a Resource for Multiple Purposes
[L14-1518]: Uwe Quasthoff | Dirk Goldhahn | Thomas Eckart | Erla Hallsteinsdóttir | Sabine Fiedler

Pdf Export Search A 500 Million Word POS-Tagged Icelandic Corpus
[L14-1659]: Thomas Eckart | Erla Hallsteinsdóttir | Sigrún Helgadóttir | Uwe Quasthoff | Dirk Goldhahn

Pdf Export Search Using Significant Word Co-occurences for the Lexical Access Problem
[W14-4706]: Rico Feist | Daniel Gerighausen | Manuel Konrad | Georg Richter | Thomas Eckart | Dirk Goldhahn | Uwe Quasthoff


Pdf Export Search Building Large Monolingual Dictionaries at the Leipzig Corpora Collection: From 100 to 200 Languages
[L12-1154]: Dirk Goldhahn | Thomas Eckart | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search The Influence of Corpus Quality on Statistical Measurements on Language Resources
[L12-1257]: Thomas Eckart | Uwe Quasthoff | Dirk Goldhahn


Pdf Export Search SentiWS - A Publicly Available German-language Resource for Sentiment Analysis
[L10-1339]: Robert Remus | Uwe Quasthoff | Gerhard Heyer

Pdf Export Search Automatic Annotation of Co-Occurrence Relations
[L10-1341]: Dirk Goldhahn | Uwe Quasthoff


Pdf Export Search ASV Toolbox: a Modular Collection of Language Exploration Tools
[L08-1406]: Chris Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff | Gerhard Heyer | Florian Holz

Pdf Export Search UnsuParse: unsupervised Parsing with unsupervised Part of Speech Tagging
[L08-1455]: Christian Hänig | Stefan Bordag | Uwe Quasthoff


Pdf Export Search Íslenskur Orðasjóður – Building a Large Icelandic Corpus
[W07-2445]: Erla Hallsteinsdóttir | Thomas Eckart | Chris Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff | Matthias Richter


Pdf Export Search Dictionary acquisition using parallel text and co-occurrence statistics
[W05-1704]: Chris Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff


Pdf Export Search Linguistic Corpus Search
[L04-1335]: Christian Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Wolff

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Paradigmatic Relations Using Iterated Co-occurrences
[L04-1339]: Chris Biemann | Stefan Bordag | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search Web Services for Language Resources and Language Technology Applications
[L04-1391]: Christian Biemann | Stefan Bordag | Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Wolff


Pdf Export Search Information Extraction from Text Corpora: Using Filters on Collocation Sets.
[L02-1299]: Gerhard Heyer | Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Wolff

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Learning and Verification: Expectation Maximization in Large Corpora
[W02-2023]: Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Biemann | Christian Wolff


Pdf Export Search A Flexible Infrastructure for Large Monolingual Corpora
[L00-1172]: Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Wolff