Pdf Export Search The DLDP Survey on Digital Use and Usability of EU Regional and Minority Languages
[L18-1656]: Claudia Soria | Valeria Quochi | Irene Russo


Pdf Export Search Polysemy Index for Nouns: an Experiment on Italian using the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexical Database
[L14-1455]: Francesca Frontini | Valeria Quochi | Sebastian Padó | Monica Monachini | Jason Utt

Pdf Export Search From Synsets to Videos: Enriching ItalWordNet Multimodally
[L14-1559]: Roberto Bartolini | Valeria Quochi | Irene De Felice | Irene Russo | Monica Monachini


Pdf Export Search Generative Lexicon Theory and Linguistic Linked Open Data
[W13-5409]: Fahad Khan | Francesca Frontini | Riccardo Del Gratta | Monica Monachini | Valeria Quochi


Pdf Export Search Towards a User-Friendly Platform for Building Language Resources based on Web Services
[L12-1305]: Marc Poch | Antonio Toral | Olivier Hamon | Valeria Quochi | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search Integrating NLP Tools in a Distributed Environment: A Case Study Chaining a Tagger with a Dependency Parser
[L12-1422]: Francesco Rubino | Francesca Frontini | Valeria Quochi

Pdf Export Search The FLaReNet Strategic Language Resource Agenda
[L12-1457]: Claudia Soria | Núria Bel | Khalid Choukri | Joseph Mariani | Monica Monachini | Jan Odijk | Stelios Piperidis | Valeria Quochi | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search A MWE Acquisition and Lexicon Builder Web Service
[C12-1140]: Valeria Quochi | Francesca Frontini | Francesco Rubino

Pdf Export Search Customizable SCF Acquisition in Italian
[L12-1198]: Tommaso Caselli | Francesco Rubino | Francesca Frontini | Irene Russo | Valeria Quochi


Pdf Export Search Interoperability Framework: The FLaReNet Action Plan Proposal
[W11-3306]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Monica Monachini | Valeria Quochi


Pdf Export Search The LREC Map of Language Resources and Technologies
[L10-1253]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Claudia Soria | Riccardo Del Gratta | Sara Goggi | Valeria Quochi | Irene Russo | Khalid Choukri | Joseph Mariani | Stelios Piperidis

Pdf Export Search Capturing Coercions in Texts: a First Annotation Exercise
[L10-1492]: Elisabetta Jezek | Valeria Quochi

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2010 Task 7: Argument Selection and Coercion
[S10-1005]: James Pustejovsky | Anna Rumshisky | Alex Plotnick | Elisabetta Jezek | Olga Batiukova | Valeria Quochi


Pdf Export Search A lexicon for biology and bioinformatics: the BOOTStrep experience.
[L08-1234]: Valeria Quochi | Monica Monachini | Riccardo Del Gratta | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search Learning properties of Noun Phrases: from data to functions
[L08-1458]: Valeria Quochi | Basilio Calderone


Pdf Export Search Inferring the Semantics of Temporal Prepositions in Italian
[W07-1606]: Tommaso Caselli | Valeria Quochi


Pdf Export Search Representing Italian Complex Nominals: A Pilot Study
[L04-1273]: Valeria Quochi