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Pdf Export Search Forecasting Consumer Spending from Purchase Intentions Expressed on Social Media
[W17-5212]: Viktor Pekar | Jane Binner


Pdf Export Search UBham: Lexical Resources and Dependency Parsing for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
[S14-2122]: Viktor Pekar | Naveed Afzal | Bernd Bohnet

Pdf Export Search Exploring Options for Fast Domain Adaptation of Dependency Parsers
[W14-6105]: Viktor Pekar | Juntao Yu | Mohab El-karef | Bernd Bohnet


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing Methods and Corpora in Translation, Lexicography, and Language Learning
[W09-4200]: Iustina Ilisei | Viktor Pekar | Silvia Bernardini

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Relation Extraction for Automatic Generation of Multiple-Choice Questions
[R09-1001]: Naveed Afzal | Viktor Pekar


Pdf Export Search Development and Alignment of a Domain-Specific Ontology for Question Answering
[L08-1178]: Shiyan Ou | Viktor Pekar | Constantin Orăsan | Christian Spurk | Matteo Negri


Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Verb Entailment from Text
[N06-1007]: Viktor Pekar


Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Summarisation Methods Based on Term Specificity Estimation
[L04-1205]: Constantin Orăsan | Viktor Pekar | Laura Hasler

Pdf Export Search Categorizing Web Pages as a Preprocessing Step for Information Extraction
[L04-1328]: Viktor Pekar | Richard Evans | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Feature Weighting for Co-occurrence-based Classification of Words
[C04-1115]: Viktor Pekar | Michael Krkoska | Steffen Staab

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Preprocessing for Distributional Classification of Words
[W04-2103]: Viktor Pekar


Pdf Export Search Word classification based on combined measures of distributional and semantic similarity
[E03-1084]: Viktor Pekar | Steffen Staab


Pdf Export Search Taxonomy Learning - Factoring the Structure of a Taxonomy into a Semantic Classification Decision
[C02-1090]: Viktor Pekar | Steffen Staab


Pdf Export Search Specification In Terms Of Interactional Properties As A Way To Optimize Semantic Representation Of Spatial Expressions
[W01-1302]: Viktor Pekar