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Pdf Export Search Induction of a Large-Scale Knowledge Graph from the Regesta Imperii
[W18-4518]: Juri Opitz | Leo Born | Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search The Role of Emotions in Native Language Identification
[W18-6218]: Ilia Markov | Vivi Nastase | Carlo Strapparava | Grigori Sidorov

Pdf Export Search Punctuation as Native Language Interference
[C18-1293]: Ilia Markov | Vivi Nastase | Carlo Strapparava

Pdf Export Search Correction of OCR Word Segmentation Errors in Articles from the ACL Collection through Neural Machine Translation Methods
[L18-1113]: Vivi Nastase | Julian Hitschler

Pdf Export Search DeModify: A Dataset for Analyzing Contextual Constraints on Modifier Deletion
[L18-1217]: Vivi Nastase | Devon Fritz | Anette Frank


Pdf Export Search Classifying Semantic Clause Types: Modeling Context and Genre Characteristics with Recurrent Neural Networks and Attention
[S17-1027]: Maria Becker | Michael Staniek | Vivi Nastase | Alexis Palmer | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Word Etymology as Native Language Interference
[D17-1286]: Vivi Nastase | Carlo Strapparava

Pdf Export Search Improving Native Language Identification by Using Spelling Errors
[P17-2086]: Lingzhen Chen | Carlo Strapparava | Vivi Nastase


Pdf Export Search Multi-Level Alignments As An Extensible Representation Basis for Textual Entailment Algorithms
[S15-1022]: Tae-Gil Noh | Sebastian Padó | Vered Shwartz | Ido Dagan | Vivi Nastase | Kathrin Eichler | Lili Kotlerman | Meni Adler


Pdf Export Search Mapping WordNet Domains, WordNet Topics and Wikipedia Categories to Generate Multilingual Domain Specific Resources
[L14-1151]: Spandana Gella | Carlo Strapparava | Vivi Nastase


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of TextGraphs-8 Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
[W13-5000]: Zornitsa Kozareva | Irina Matveeva | Gabor Melli | Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search Bridging Languages through Etymology: The case of cross language text categorization
[P13-1064]: Vivi Nastase | Carlo Strapparava


Pdf Export Search Word Epoch Disambiguation: Finding How Words Change Over Time
[P12-2051]: Rada Mihalcea | Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search Local and Global Context for Supervised and Unsupervised Metonymy Resolution
[D12-1017]: Vivi Nastase | Alex Judea | Katja Markert | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Concept-based Selectional Preferences and Distributional Representations from Wikipedia Articles
[L12-1164]: Alex Judea | Vivi Nastase | Michael Strube


Pdf Export Search WikiNetTK – A Tool Kit for EmbeddingWorld Knowledge in NLP Applications
[I11-2001]: Alex Judea | Vivi Nastase | Michael Strube


Pdf Export Search WikiNet: A Very Large Scale Multi-Lingual Concept Network
[L10-1422]: Vivi Nastase | Michael Strube | Benjamin Boerschinger | Caecilia Zirn | Anas Elghafari


Pdf Export Search Combining Collocations, Lexical and Encyclopedic Knowledge for Metonymy Resolution
[D09-1095]: Vivi Nastase | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search What’s in a name? In some languages, grammatical gender
[D09-1142]: Vivi Nastase | Marius Popescu


Pdf Export Search Topic-Driven Multi-Document Summarization with Encyclopedic Knowledge and Spreading Activation
[D08-1080]: Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search The Telling Tail: Signals of Success in Electronic Negotiation Texts
[I08-1034]: Marina Sokolova | Vivi Nastase | Stan Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised All-words Word Sense Disambiguation with Grammatical Dependencies
[I08-2105]: Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search How to Add a New Language on the NLP Map: Building Resources and Tools for Languages with Scarce Resources
[I08-2136]: Rada Mihalcea | Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia
[L08-1267]: Laura Kassner | Vivi Nastase | Michael Strube


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2007 Task 04: Classification of Semantic Relations between Nominals
[S07-1003]: Roxana Girju | Preslav Nakov | Vivi Nastase | Stan Szpakowicz | Peter Turney | Deniz Yuret


Pdf Export Search A Study of Two Graph Algorithms in Topic-driven Summarization
[W06-3805]: Vivi Nastase | Stan Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search Matching syntactic-semantic graphs for semantic relation assignment
[W06-3813]: Vivi Nastase | Stan Szpakowicz


Pdf Export Search Letter Level Learning for Language Independent Diacritics Restoration
[W02-2021]: Rada Mihalcea | Vivi Nastase