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Pdf Export Search Downward Compatible Revision of Dialogue Annotation
[W18-4703]: Harry Bunt | Emer Gilmartin | Simon Keizer | Catherine Pelachaud | Volha Petukhova | Laurent Prevot | Mariet Theune

Pdf Export Search The Metalogue Debate Trainee Corpus: Data Collection and Annotations
[L18-1120]: Volha Petukhova | Andrei Malchanau | Youssef Oualil | Dietrich Klakow | Saturnino Luz | Fasih Haider | Nick Campbell | Dimitris Koryzis | Dimitris Spiliotopoulos | Pierre Albert | Nicklas Linz | Jan Alexandersson

Pdf Export Search Towards Continuous Dialogue Corpus Creation: writing to corpus and generating from it
[L18-1121]: Andrei Malchanau | Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt


Pdf Export Search Revisiting the ISO standard for dialogue act annotation
[W17-7404]: Harry Bunt | Volha Petukhova | Alex Chengyu Fang

Pdf Export Search Classification of modal meaning in negotiation dialogues
[W17-7406]: Valeria Lapina | Volha Petukhova


Pdf Export Search Linguistically Motivated Question Classification
[W15-1809]: Alexandr Chernov | Volha Petukhova | Dietrich Klakow


Pdf Export Search Interoperability of Dialogue Corpora through ISO 24617-2-based Querying
[L14-1180]: Volha Petukhova | Andrei Malchanau | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search The DBOX Corpus Collection of Spoken Human-Human and Human-Machine Dialogues
[L14-1182]: Volha Petukhova | Martin Gropp | Dietrich Klakow | Gregor Eigner | Mario Topf | Stefan Srb | Petr Motlicek | Blaise Potard | John Dines | Olivier Deroo | Ronny Egeler | Uwe Meinz | Steffen Liersch | Anna Schmidt


Pdf Export Search Issues in the addition of ISO standard annotations to the Switchboard corpus
[W13-0507]: Harry Bunt | Alex C. Fang | Xiaoyue Liu | Jing Cao | Volha Petukhova


Pdf Export Search ISO 24617-2: A semantically-based standard for dialogue annotation
[L12-1296]: Koiti Hasida | Volha Petukhova | Andrei Popescu-Belis | David Traum | Harry Bunt | Jan Alexandersson | Jae-Woong Choe | Alex Chengyu Fang

Pdf Export Search Using DiAML and ANVIL for multimodal dialogue annotations
[L12-1654]: Harry Bunt | Michael Kipp | Volha Petukhova

Pdf Export Search SUMAT: Data Collection and Parallel Corpus Compilation for Machine Translation of Subtitles
[L12-1027]: Volha Petukhova | Rodrigo Agerri | Mark Fishel | Sergio Penkale | Arantza del Pozo | Mirjam Sepesy Maucec | Andy Way | Panayota Georgakopoulou | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search The coding and annotation of multimodal dialogue acts
[L12-1044]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt


Pdf Export Search Incremental dialogue act understanding
[W11-0125]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt


Pdf Export Search Towards an Integrated Scheme for Semantic Annotation of Multimodal Dialogue Data
[L10-1131]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Towards an ISO Standard for Dialogue Act Annotation
[L10-1385]: Harry Bunt | Jan Alexandersson | Jean Carletta | Jae-Woong Choe | Alex Chengyu Fang | Koiti Hasida | Kiyong Lee | Volha Petukhova | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Laurent Romary | Claudia Soria | David Traum


Pdf Export Search The independence of dimensions in multidimensional dialogue act annotation
[N09-2050]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Towards a Multidimensional Semantics of Discourse Markers in Spoken Dialogue
[W09-3715]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Dialogue Act Tagging with Naive and Expert Annotators
[L08-1009]: Jeroen Geertzen | Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search LIRICS Semantic Role Annotation: Design and Evaluation of a Set of Data Categories
[L08-1428]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt