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Pdf Export Search Poster Learning Domain-Sensitive and Sentiment-Aware Word Embeddings
[P18-1232]: Bei Shi | Zihao Fu | Lidong Bing | Wai Lam

Pdf Export Search Responding E-commerce Product Questions via Exploiting QA Collections and Reviews
[C18-1186]: Qian Yu | Wai Lam | Zihao Wang

Pdf Export Search QuaSE: Sequence Editing under Quantifiable Guidance
[D18-1420]: Yi Liao | Lidong Bing | Piji Li | Shuming Shi | Wai Lam | Tong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Transformation Networks for Target-Oriented Sentiment Classification
[P18-1087]: Xin Li | Lidong Bing | Wai Lam | Bei Shi


Pdf Export Search Reader-Aware Multi-Document Summarization: An Enhanced Model and The First Dataset
[W17-4512]: Piji Li | Lidong Bing | Wai Lam

Pdf Export Search Cascaded Attention based Unsupervised Information Distillation for Compressive Summarization
[D17-1221]: Piji Li | Wai Lam | Lidong Bing | Weiwei Guo | Hang Li

Pdf Export Search Deep Recurrent Generative Decoder for Abstractive Text Summarization
[D17-1222]: Piji Li | Wai Lam | Lidong Bing | Zihao Wang

Pdf Export Search Deep Multi-Task Learning for Aspect Term Extraction with Memory Interaction
[D17-1310]: Xin Li | Wai Lam


Pdf Export Search Detecting Common Discussion Topics Across Culture From News Reader Comments
[P16-1064]: Bei Shi | Wai Lam | Lidong Bing | Yinqing Xu


Pdf Export Search Abstractive Multi-Document Summarization via Phrase Selection and Merging
[P15-1153]: Lidong Bing | Piji Li | Yi Liao | Wai Lam | Weiwei Guo | Rebecca Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Entity Retrieval via Entity Factoid Hierarchy
[P15-1050]: Chunliang Lu | Wai Lam | Yi Liao


Pdf Export Search $N$-gram Fragment Sequence Based Unsupervised Domain-Specific Document Readability
[C12-1080]: Shoaib Jameel | Xiaojun Qian | Wai Lam


Pdf Export Search Jointly Identifying Entities and Extracting Relations in Encyclopedia Text via A Graphical Model Approach
[C10-2160]: Xiaofeng Yu | Wai Lam

Pdf Export Search Accelerated Training of Maximum Margin Markov Models for Sequence Labeling: A Case Study of NP Chunking
[C10-2161]: Xiaofeng Yu | Wai Lam


Pdf Export Search A Framework Based on Graphical Models with Logic for Chinese Named Entity Recognition
[I08-1044]: Xiaofeng Yu | Wai Lam | Shing-Kit Chan

Pdf Export Search An Online Cascaded Approach to Biomedical Named Entity Recognition
[I08-2078]: Shing-Kit Chan | Wai Lam | Xiaofeng Yu

Pdf Export Search Chinese NER Using CRFs and Logic for the Fourth SIGHAN Bakeoff
[I08-4016]: Xiaofeng Yu | Wai Lam | Shing-Kit Chan | Yiu Kei Wu | Bo Chen

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Probabilistic and Logic Approach to Encyclopedia Relation Extraction with Multiple Features
[C08-1134]: Xiaofeng Yu | Wai Lam


Pdf Export Search MEAD - A Platform for Multidocument Multilingual Text Summarization
[L04-1491]: Dragomir Radev | Timothy Allison | Sasha Blair-Goldensohn | John Blitzer | Arda Çelebi | Stanko Dimitrov | Elliott Drabek | Ali Hakim | Wai Lam | Danyu Liu | Jahna Otterbacher | Hong Qi | Horacio Saggion | Simone Teufel | Michael Topper | Adam Winkel | Zhu Zhang


Pdf Export Search Evaluation Challenges in Large-Scale Document Summarization
[P03-1048]: Dragomir R. Radev | Simone Teufel | Horacio Saggion | Wai Lam | John Blitzer | Hong Qi | Arda Çelebi | Danyu Liu | Elliott Drabek


Pdf Export Search Meta-evaluation of Summaries in a Cross-lingual Environment using Content-based Metrics
[C02-1073]: Horacio Saggion | Dragomir Radev | Simone Teufel | Wai Lam

Pdf Export Search Developing Infrastructure for the Evaluation of Single and Multi-document Summarization Systems in a Cross-lingual Environment.
[L02-1158]: Horacio Saggion | Dragomir Radev | Simone Teufel | Wai Lam | Stephanie M. Strassel