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Pdf Export Search Denoising Neural Machine Translation Training with Trusted Data and Online Data Selection
[W18-6314]: Wei Wang | Taro Watanabe | Macduff Hughes | Tetsuji Nakagawa | Ciprian Chelba

Pdf Export Search Learning Gender-Neutral Word Embeddings
[D18-1521]: Jieyu Zhao | Yichao Zhou | Zeyu Li | Wei Wang | Kai-Wei Chang

Pdf Export Search Learning to Disentangle Interleaved Conversational Threads with a Siamese Hierarchical Network and Similarity Ranking
[N18-1164]: Jyun-Yu Jiang | Francine Chen | Yan-Ying Chen | Wei Wang

Pdf Export Search Poster GTR-LSTM: A Triple Encoder for Sentence Generation from RDF Data
[P18-1151]: Bayu Distiawan Trisedya | Jianzhong Qi | Rui Zhang | Wei Wang

Pdf Export Search Poster Multi-Granularity Hierarchical Attention Fusion Networks for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering
[P18-1158]: Wei Wang | Ming Yan | Chen Wu


Pdf Export Search The Physics of Text: Ontological Realism in Information Extraction
[W16-1310]: Stuart Russell | Ole Torp Lassen | Justin Uang | Wei Wang


Pdf Export Search Semantic relation clustering for unsupervised information extraction (Regroupement sémantique de relations pour l’extraction d’information non supervisée) [in French]
[F13-1026]: Wei Wang | Romaric Besançon | Olivier Ferret | Brigitte Grau

Pdf Export Search Implicit Feature Detection via a Constrained Topic Model and SVM
[D13-1092]: Wei Wang | Hua Xu | Xiaoqiu Huang


Pdf Export Search Community Answer Summarization for Multi-Sentence Question with Group L1 Regularization
[P12-1061]: Wen Chan | Xiangdong Zhou | Wei Wang | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Unsupervised Information Extraction
[L12-1313]: Wei Wang | Romaric Besançon | Olivier Ferret | Brigitte Grau

Pdf Export Search Rules-based Chinese Word Segmentation on MicroBlog for CIPS-SIGHAN on CLP2012
[W12-6314]: Jing Zhang | Degen Huang | Xia Han | Wei Wang


Pdf Export Search Re-structuring, Re-labeling, and Re-aligning for Syntax-Based Machine Translation
[J10-2004]: Wei Wang | Jonathan May | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search A Semi-Supervised Key Phrase Extraction Approach: Learning from Title Phrases through a Document Semantic Network
[P10-2055]: Decong Li | Sujian Li | Wenjie Li | Wei Wang | Weiguang Qu


Pdf Export Search 11,001 New Features for Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1025]: David Chiang | Kevin Knight | Wei Wang


Pdf Export Search Binarizing Syntax Trees to Improve Syntax-Based Machine Translation Accuracy
[D07-1078]: Wei Wang | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search What Can Syntax-Based MT Learn from Phrase-Based MT?
[D07-1079]: Steve DeNeefe | Kevin Knight | Wei Wang | Daniel Marcu


Pdf Export Search Capitalizing Machine Translation
[N06-1001]: Wei Wang | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search SPMT: Statistical Machine Translation with Syntactified Target Language Phrases
[W06-1606]: Daniel Marcu | Wei Wang | Abdessamad Echihabi | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Scalable Inference and Training of Context-Rich Syntactic Translation Models
[P06-1121]: Michel Galley | Jonathan Graehl | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu | Steve DeNeefe | Wei Wang | Ignacio Thayer


Pdf Export Search Structure Alignment Using Bilingual Chunking
[C02-1010]: Wei Wang | Ming Zhou | Jin-Xia Huang | Chang-Ning Huang