Pdf Export Search Assessing the Feasibility of an Automated Suggestion System for Communicating Critical Findings from Chest Radiology Reports to Referring Physicians
[W16-2924]: Brian E. Chapman | Danielle L Mowery | Evan Narasimhan | Neel Patel | Wendy Chapman | Marta Heilbrun


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2015 Task 14: Analysis of Clinical Text
[S15-2051]: Noémie Elhadad | Sameer Pradhan | Sharon Gorman | Suresh Manandhar | Wendy Chapman | Guergana Savova

Pdf Export Search BluLab: Temporal Information Extraction for the 2015 Clinical TempEval Challenge
[S15-2137]: Sumithra Velupillai | Danielle L Mowery | Samir Abdelrahman | Lee Christensen | Wendy Chapman


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2014 Task 7: Analysis of Clinical Text
[S14-2007]: Sameer Pradhan | Noémie Elhadad | Wendy Chapman | Suresh Manandhar | Guergana Savova

Pdf Export Search Generating Patient Problem Lists from the ShARe Corpus using SNOMED CT/SNOMED CT CORE Problem List
[W14-3408]: Danielle Mowery | Mindy Ross | Sumithra Velupillai | Stephane Meystre | Janyce Wiebe | Wendy Chapman


Pdf Export Search A Prototype Tool Set to Support Machine-Assisted Annotation
[W12-2416]: Brett South | Shuying Shen | Jianwei Leng | Tyler Forbush | Scott DuVall | Wendy Chapman


Pdf Export Search Developing a Biosurveillance Application Ontology for Influenza-Like-Illness
[W10-3307]: Mike Conway | John Dowling | Wendy Chapman


Pdf Export Search Distinguishing Historical from Current Problems in Clinical Reports – Which Textual Features Help?
[W09-1302]: Danielle Mowery | Henk Harkema | John Dowling | Jonathan Lustgarten | Wendy Chapman

Pdf Export Search ONYX: A System for the Semantic Analysis of Clinical Text
[W09-1303]: Lee Christensen | Henk Harkema | Peter Haug | Jeannie Irwin | Wendy Chapman


Pdf Export Search Temporal Annotation of Clinical Text
[W08-0621]: Danielle Mowery | Henk Harkema | Wendy Chapman


Pdf Export Search ConText: An Algorithm for Identifying Contextual Features from Clinical Text
[W07-1011]: Wendy Chapman | John Dowling | David Chu