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Pdf Export Search AttentionMeSH: Simple, Effective and Interpretable Automatic MeSH Indexer
[W18-5306]: Qiao Jin | Bhuwan Dhingra | William Cohen | Xinghua Lu

Pdf Export Search Learning to Define Terms in the Software Domain
[W18-6122]: Vidhisha Balachandran | Dheeraj Rajagopal | Rose Catherine Kanjirathinkal | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Attachment HotpotQA: A Dataset for Diverse, Explainable Multi-hop Question Answering
[D18-1259]: Zhilin Yang | Peng Qi | Saizheng Zhang | Yoshua Bengio | William Cohen | Ruslan Salakhutdinov | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Open Domain Question Answering Using Early Fusion of Knowledge Bases and Text
[D18-1455]: Haitian Sun | Bhuwan Dhingra | Manzil Zaheer | Kathryn Mazaitis | Ruslan Salakhutdinov | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Neural Models for Reasoning over Multiple Mentions Using Coreference
[N18-2007]: Bhuwan Dhingra | Qiao Jin | Zhilin Yang | William Cohen | Ruslan Salakhutdinov


Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised QA with Generative Domain-Adaptive Nets
[P17-1096]: Zhilin Yang | Junjie Hu | Ruslan Salakhutdinov | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Gated-Attention Readers for Text Comprehension
[P17-1168]: Bhuwan Dhingra | Hanxiao Liu | Zhilin Yang | William Cohen | Ruslan Salakhutdinov


Pdf Export Search Using Graphs of Classifiers to Impose Constraints on Semi-supervised Relation Extraction
[W16-1301]: Lidong Bing | William Cohen | Bhuwan Dhingra | Richard Wang

Pdf Export Search Tweet2Vec: Character-Based Distributed Representations for Social Media
[P16-2044]: Bhuwan Dhingra | Zhong Zhou | Dylan Fitzpatrick | Michael Muehl | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Scalable Statistical Relational Learning for NLP
[N16-4005]: William Yang Wang | William Cohen


Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Improving Distant Supervision for Information Extraction Using Label Propagation Through Lists
[D15-1060]: Lidong Bing | Sneha Chaudhari | Richard Wang | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Learning to Identify the Best Contexts for Knowledge-based WSD
[D15-1192]: Evgenia Wasserman Pritsker | William Cohen | Einat Minkov

Pdf Export Search Learning Relational Features with Backward Random Walks
[P15-1065]: Ni Lao | Einat Minkov | William Cohen


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourced Comprehension: Predicting Prerequisite Structure in Wikipedia
[W12-2037]: Partha Talukdar | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Collectively Representing Semi-Structured Data from the Web
[W12-3002]: Bhavana Dalvi | William Cohen | Jamie Callan

Pdf Export Search Graph Based Similarity Measures for Synonym Extraction from Parsed Text
[W12-4104]: Einat Minkov | William Cohen


Pdf Export Search Structured Databases of Named Entities from Bayesian Nonparametrics
[W11-2202]: Jacob Eisenstein | Tae Yano | William Cohen | Noah Smith | Eric Xing


Pdf Export Search NER Systems that Suit User’s Preferences: Adjusting the Recall-Precision Trade-off for Entity Extraction
[N06-2024]: Einat Minkov | Richard Wang | Anthony Tomasic | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search A Graph-Search Framework for GeneId Ranking
[W06-3315]: William Cohen

Pdf Export Search Improving “Email Speech Acts” Analysis via N-gram Selection
[W06-3406]: Vitor Carvalho | William Cohen

Pdf Export Search A Graphical Framework for Contextual Search and Name Disambiguation in Email
[W06-3801]: Einat Minkov | William Cohen | Andrew Ng