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Pdf Export Search Enriching Interlinear Text using Automatically Constructed Annotators
[W15-3709]: Ryan Georgi | Fei Xia | William Lewis


Pdf Export Search Enriching ODIN
[L14-1055]: Fei Xia | William Lewis | Michael Wayne Goodman | Joshua Crowgey | Emily M. Bender


Pdf Export Search Dramatically Reducing Training Data Size Through Vocabulary Saturation
[W13-2235]: William Lewis | Sauleh Eetemadi

Pdf Export Search Controlled Ascent: Imbuing Statistical MT with Linguistic Knowledge
[W13-2809]: William Lewis | Chris Quirk


Pdf Export Search Improving Dependency Parsing with Interlinear Glossed Text and Syntactic Projection
[C12-2037]: Ryan Georgi | Fei Xia | William Lewis

Pdf Export Search Measuring the Divergence of Dependency Structures Cross-Linguistically to Improve Syntactic Projection Algorithms
[L12-1579]: Ryan Georgi | Fei Xia | William Lewis


Pdf Export Search Crisis MT: Developing A Cookbook for MT in Crisis Situations
[W11-2164]: William Lewis | Robert Munro | Stephan Vogel


Pdf Export Search Intelligent Selection of Language Model Training Data
[P10-2041]: Robert C. Moore | William Lewis

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on NLP and Linguistics: Finding the Common Ground
[W10-2100]: Fei Xia | William Lewis | Lori Levin

Pdf Export Search Comparing Language Similarity across Genetic and Typologically-Based Groupings
[C10-1044]: Ryan Georgi | Fei Xia | William Lewis


Pdf Export Search Applying NLP Technologies to the Collection and Enrichment of Language Data on the Web to Aid Linguistic Research
[W09-0307]: Fei Xia | William Lewis

Pdf Export Search Language ID in the Context of Harvesting Language Data off the Web
[E09-1099]: Fei Xia | William Lewis | Hoifung Poon

Pdf Export Search Parsing, Projecting & Prototypes: Repurposing Linguistic Data on the Web
[E09-2011]: William Lewis | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Structural Projection across Interlinear Text
[N07-1057]: Fei Xia | William Lewis


Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Markup: Mapping Legacy Markup Schemas to a Common Semantics
[W04-0604]: Gary Simons | William Lewis | Scott Farrar | Terence Langendoen | Brian Fitzsimons | Hector Gonzalez