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Pdf Export Search Statistical NLG for Generating the Content and Form of Referring Expressions
[W18-6561]: Xiao Li | Kees van Deemter | Chenghua Lin


Pdf Export Search Log-linear Models for Uyghur Segmentation in Spoken Language Translation
[R17-1065]: Chenggang Mi | Yating Yang | Rui Dong | Xi Zhou | Lei Wang | Xiao Li | Tonghai Jiang

Pdf Export Search Investigating the content and form of referring expressions in Mandarin: introducing the Mtuna corpus
[W17-3532]: Kees van Deemter | Le Sun | Rint Sybesma | Xiao Li | Chen Bo | Muyun Yang


Pdf Export Search Statistics-Based Lexical Choice for NLG from Quantitative Information
[W16-6618]: Xiao Li | Kees van Deemter | Chenghua Lin

Pdf Export Search Recurrent Neural Network Based Loanwords Identification in Uyghur
[Y16-2019]: Chenggang Mi | Yating Yang | Xi Zhou | Lei Wang | Xiao Li | Tonghai Jiang


Pdf Export Search Understanding the Semantic Structure of Noun Phrase Queries
[P10-1136]: Xiao Li


Pdf Export Search On the Use of Virtual Evidence in Conditional Random Fields
[D09-1134]: Xiao Li

Pdf Export Search Discovery of Term Variation in Japanese Web Search Queries
[D09-1154]: Hisami Suzuki | Xiao Li | Jianfeng Gao

Pdf Export Search Semantic Tagging of Web Search Queries
[P09-1097]: Mehdi Manshadi | Xiao Li


Pdf Export Search Learning N-Best Correction Models from Implicit User Feedback in a Multi-Modal Local Search Application
[W08-0103]: Dan Bohus | Xiao Li | Patrick Nguyen | Geoffrey Zweig


Pdf Export Search The Vocal Joystick: A Voice-Based Human-Computer Interface for Individuals with Motor Impairments
[H05-1125]: Jeff A. Bilmes | Xiao Li | Jonathan Malkin | Kelley Kilanski | Richard Wright | Katrin Kirchhoff | Amar Subramanya | Susumu Harada | James Landay | Patricia Dowden | Howard Chizeck