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Pdf Export Search An Examination of Regret in Bullying Tweets
[N13-1082]: Jun-Ming Xu | Benjamin Burchfiel | Xiaojin Zhu | Amy Bellmore


Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Behavioral Factors in Interactive Training of Text Classifiers
[N12-1066]: Burr Settles | Xiaojin Zhu

Pdf Export Search Learning from Bullying Traces in Social Media
[N12-1084]: Jun-Ming Xu | Kwang-Sung Jun | Xiaojin Zhu | Amy Bellmore


Pdf Export Search May All Your Wishes Come True: A Study of Wishes and How to Recognize Them
[N09-1030]: Andrew B. Goldberg | Nathanael Fillmore | David Andrzejewski | Zhiting Xu | Bryan Gibson | Xiaojin Zhu

Pdf Export Search How Creative is Your Writing?
[W09-2012]: Xiaojin Zhu | Zhiting Xu | Tushar Khot

Pdf Export Search Keepin’ It Real: Semi-Supervised Learning with Realistic Tuning
[W09-2203]: Andrew B. Goldberg | Xiaojin Zhu

Pdf Export Search Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Topic-in-Set Knowledge
[W09-2206]: David Andrzejewski | Xiaojin Zhu


Pdf Export Search Learning Bigrams from Unigrams
[P08-1075]: Xiaojin Zhu | Andrew B. Goldberg | Michael Rabbat | Robert Nowak

Pdf Export Search Easy as ABC? Facilitating Pictorial Communication via Semantically Enhanced Layout
[W08-2116]: Andrew B. Goldberg | Xiaojin Zhu | Charles R. Dyer | Mohamed Eldawy | Lijie Heng


Pdf Export Search Improving Diversity in Ranking using Absorbing Random Walks
[N07-1013]: Xiaojin Zhu | Andrew Goldberg | Jurgen Van Gael | David Andrzejewski

Pdf Export Search A Topic Model for Word Sense Disambiguation
[D07-1109]: Jordan Boyd-Graber | David Blei | Xiaojin Zhu

Pdf Export Search Hunting Elusive Metaphors Using Lexical Resources.
[W07-0103]: Saisuresh Krishnakumaran | Xiaojin Zhu


Pdf Export Search Seeing stars when there aren't many stars: Graph-based semi-supervised learning for sentiment categorization
[W06-3808]: Andrew Goldberg | Xiaojin Zhu