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Pdf Export Search Software Dataset LSDSCC: a Large Scale Domain-Specific Conversational Corpus for Response Generation with Diversity Oriented Evaluation Metrics
[N18-1188]: Zhen Xu | Nan Jiang | Bingquan Liu | Wenge Rong | Bowen Wu | Baoxun Wang | Zhuoran Wang | Xiaolong Wang


Pdf Export Search Neural Response Generation via GAN with an Approximate Embedding Layer
[D17-1065]: Zhen Xu | Bingquan Liu | Baoxun Wang | Chengjie SUN | Xiaolong Wang | Zhuoran Wang | Chao Qi

Pdf Export Search Predicting Users' Negative Feedbacks in Multi-Turn Human-Computer Dialogues
[I17-1072]: Xin Wang | Jianan Wang | Yuanchao Liu | Xiaolong Wang | Zhuoran Wang | Baoxun Wang


Pdf Export Search Incorporating Label Dependency for Answer Quality Tagging in Community Question Answering via CNN-LSTM-CRF
[C16-1117]: Yang Xiang | Xiaoqiang Zhou | Qingcai Chen | Zhihui Zheng | Buzhou Tang | Xiaolong Wang | Yang Qin


Pdf Export Search Predicting Polarities of Tweets by Composing Word Embeddings with Long Short-Term Memory
[P15-1130]: Xin Wang | Yuanchao Liu | Chengjie SUN | Baoxun Wang | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Answer Sequence Learning with Neural Networks for Answer Selection in Community Question Answering
[P15-2117]: Xiaoqiang Zhou | Baotian Hu | Qingcai Chen | Buzhou Tang | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search yiGou: A Semantic Text Similarity Computing System Based on SVM
[S15-2014]: Yang Liu | Chengjie Sun | Lei Lin | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search HITSZ-ICRC: Exploiting Classification Approach for Answer Selection in Community Question Answering
[S15-2035]: Yongshuai Hou | Cong Tan | Xiaolong Wang | Yaoyun Zhang | Jun Xu | Qingcai Chen

Pdf Export Search ICRC-HIT: A Deep Learning based Comment Sequence Labeling System for Answer Selection Challenge
[S15-2037]: Xiaoqiang Zhou | Baotian Hu | Jiaxin Lin | Yang xiang | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search HITSZ-ICRC: An Integration Approach for QA TempEval Challenge
[S15-2140]: Yongshuai Hou | Cong Tan | Qingcai Chen | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis Using Ensemble Learning
[W15-4415]: Yang Xiang | Xiaolong Wang | Wenying Han | Qinghua Hong

Pdf Export Search Computing Semantic Text Similarity Using Rich Features
[Y15-1006]: Yang Liu | Chengjie Sun | Lei Lin | Xiaolong Wang | Yuming Zhao


Pdf Export Search Identification of Basic Phrases for Kazakh Language using Maximum Entropy Model
[C14-1095]: Gulila Altenbek | Xiaolong Wang | Gulizhada Haisha

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Deep Belief Networks for Semi-supervised Sentiment Classification
[C14-1127]: Shusen Zhou | Qingcai Chen | Xiaolong Wang | Xiaoling Li

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Opinion Analysis via Negative Transfer Detection
[P14-2139]: Lin Gui | Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Jun Xu | Jian Xu | Bin Liu | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search WINGS:Writing with Intelligent Guidance and Suggestions
[P14-5005]: Xianjun Dai | Yuanchao Liu | Xiaolong Wang | Bingquan Liu

Pdf Export Search Problematic Situation Analysis and Automatic Recognition for Chinese Online Conversational System
[W14-6808]: Yang Xiang | Yaoyun Zhang | Xiaoqiang Zhou | Xiaolong Wang | Yang Qin


Pdf Export Search Automatic Corpora Construction for Text Classification
[I13-1086]: Dandan Wang | Qingcai Chen | Xiaolong Wang | Bingyang Yu

Pdf Export Search Grammatical Error Correction Using Feature Selection and Confidence Tuning
[I13-1148]: Yang Xiang | Yaoyun Zhang | Xiaolong Wang | Chongqiang Wei | Wen Zheng | Xiaoqiang Zhou | Yuxiu Hu | Yang Qin

Pdf Export Search Multimodal DBN for Predicting High-Quality Answers in cQA portals
[P13-2146]: Haifeng Hu | Bingquan Liu | Baoxun Wang | Ming Liu | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search PAL: A Chatterbot System for Answering Domain-specific Questions
[P13-4012]: Yuanchao Liu | Ming Liu | Xiaolong Wang | Limin Wang | Jingjing Li

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Model For Grammatical Error Correction
[W13-3616]: Yang Xiang | Bo Yuan | Yaoyun Zhang | Xiaolong Wang | Wen Zheng | Chongqiang Wei


Pdf Export Search A Mixed Deterministic Model for Coreference Resolution
[W12-4507]: Bo Yuan | Qingcai Chen | Yang Xiang | Xiaolong Wang | Liping Ge | Zengjian Liu | Meng Liao | Xianbo Si

Pdf Export Search Generating Questions from Web Community Contents
[C12-3059]: Baoxun Wang | Bingquan Liu | Chengjie Sun | Xiaolong Wang | Deyuan Zhang


Pdf Export Search Instance Level Transfer Learning for Cross Lingual Opinion Analysis
[W11-1724]: Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Diversifying Information Needs in Results of Question Retrieval
[I11-1168]: Yaoyun Zhang | Xiaolong Wang | Xuan Wang | Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | ShiXi Fan


Pdf Export Search A Cascade Method for Detecting Hedges and their Scope in Natural Language Text
[W10-3002]: Buzhou Tang | Xiaolong Wang | Xuan Wang | Bo Yuan | Shixi Fan

Pdf Export Search Modeling Semantic Relevance for Question-Answer Pairs in Web Social Communities
[P10-1125]: Baoxun Wang | Xiaolong Wang | Chengjie Sun | Bingquan Liu | Lin Sun

Pdf Export Search Active Deep Networks for Semi-Supervised Sentiment Classification
[C10-2173]: Shusen Zhou | Qingcai Chen | Xiaolong Wang


Pdf Export Search A Joint Syntactic and Semantic Dependency Parsing System based on Maximum Entropy Models
[W09-1217]: Buzhou Tang | Lu Li | Xinxin Li | Xuan Wang | Xiaolong Wang


Pdf Export Search Name Origin Recognition Using Maximum Entropy Model and Diverse Features
[I08-1008]: Min Zhang | Chengjie Sun | Haizhou Li | AiTi Aw | Chew Lim Tan | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Semantic Chunk Annotation for complex questions using Conditional Random Field
[W08-1601]: Shixi Fan | Yaoyun Zhang | Wing W. Y. Ng | Xuan Wang | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Learning of Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies
[W08-2130]: Lu Li | Shixi Fan | Xuan Wang | Xiaolong Wang


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Non-Stationary Ngram Model and its Smoothing Techniques
[O07-4002]: Jinghui Xiao | Bingquan Liu | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Pinyin Constraints in Pinyin-to-Character Conversion Task: a Class-Based Maximum Entropy Markov Model Approach
[O07-5006]: Jinghui Xiao | Bingquan Liu | Xiaolong Wang


Pdf Export Search Detecting Segmentation Errors in Chinese Annotated Corpus
[I05-3001]: Chengjie Sun | Chang-Ning Huang | Xiaolong Wang | Mu Li