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Pdf Export Search An Extension of BLANC to System Mentions
[P14-2005]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Sameer Pradhan | Marta Recasens | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Scoring Coreference Partitions of Predicted Mentions: A Reference Implementation
[P14-2006]: Sameer Pradhan | Xiaoqiang Luo | Marta Recasens | Eduard Hovy | Vincent Ng | Michael Strube


Pdf Export Search Finding What Matters in Questions
[N13-1108]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Hema Raghavan | Vittorio Castelli | Sameer Maskey | Radu Florian

Pdf Export Search Enlisting the Ghost: Modeling Empty Categories for Machine Translation
[P13-1081]: Bing Xiang | Xiaoqiang Luo | Bowen Zhou


Pdf Export Search Learning to Transform and Select Elementary Trees for Improved Syntax-based Machine Translations
[P11-1085]: Bing Zhao | Young-Suk Lee | Xiaoqiang Luo | Liu Li

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Tree Annotator and Its Applications
[P11-1123]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Bing Zhao


Pdf Export Search Learning to Predict Readability using Diverse Linguistic Features
[C10-1062]: Rohit Kate | Xiaoqiang Luo | Siddharth Patwardhan | Martin Franz | Radu Florian | Raymond Mooney | Salim Roukos | Chris Welty


Pdf Export Search Improving Coreference Resolution by Using Conversational Metadata
[N09-2051]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Radu Florian | Todd Ward

Pdf Export Search Classifier Combination Techniques Applied to Coreference Resolution
[N09-3001]: Smita Vemulapalli | Xiaoqiang Luo | John F. Pitrelli | Imed Zitouni


Pdf Export Search Coreference or Not: A Twin Model for Coreference Resolution
[N07-1010]: Xiaoqiang Luo


Pdf Export Search The Impact of Morphological Stemming on Arabic Mention Detection and Coreference Resolution
[W05-0709]: Imed Zitouni | Jeffrey Sorensen | Xiaoqiang Luo | Radu Florian

Pdf Export Search On Coreference Resolution Performance Metrics
[H05-1004]: Xiaoqiang Luo

Pdf Export Search Multi-Lingual Coreference Resolution With Syntactic Features
[H05-1083]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Imed Zitouni


Pdf Export Search A Mention-Synchronous Coreference Resolution Algorithm Based On the Bell Tree
[P04-1018]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Abe Ittycheriah | Hongyan Jing | Nanda Kambhatla | Salim Roukos


Pdf Export Search A Maximum Entropy Chinese Character-Based Parser
[W03-1025]: Xiaoqiang Luo

Pdf Export Search HowtogetaChineseName(Entity): Segmentation and Combination Issues
[W03-1026]: Hongyan Jing | Radu Florian | Xiaoqiang Luo | Tong Zhang | Abraham Ittycheriah


Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Statistical Natural Language Parsing
[P02-1016]: Min Tang | Xiaoqiang Luo | Salim Roukos


Pdf Export Search An Iterative Algorithm to Build Chinese Language Models
[P96-1019]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Salim Roukos