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Pdf Export Search Word-Embedding based Content Features for Automated Oral Proficiency Scoring
[W18-4002]: Su-Youn Yoon | Anastassia Loukina | Chong Min Lee | Matthew Mulholland | Xinhao Wang | Ikkyu Choi


Pdf Export Search Discourse Annotation of Non-native Spontaneous Spoken Responses Using the Rhetorical Structure Theory Framework
[P17-2041]: Xinhao Wang | James Bruno | Hillary Molloy | Keelan Evanini | Klaus Zechner

Pdf Export Search SoccEval: An Annotation Schema for Rating Soccer Players
[P17-3015]: Jose Ramirez | Matthew Garber | Xinhao Wang


Pdf Export Search Automated Scoring of Picture-based Story Narration
[W15-0605]: Swapna Somasundaran | Chong Min Lee | Martin Chodorow | Xinhao Wang


Pdf Export Search Automatic detection of plagiarized spoken responses
[W14-1803]: Keelan Evanini | Xinhao Wang

Pdf Export Search Automated scoring of speaking items in an assessment for teachers of English as a Foreign Language
[W14-1816]: Klaus Zechner | Keelan Evanini | Su-Youn Yoon | Lawrence Davis | Xinhao Wang | Lei Chen | Chong Min Lee | Chee Wee Leong


Pdf Export Search Automated Content Scoring of Spoken Responses in an Assessment for Teachers of English
[W13-1709]: Klaus Zechner | Xinhao Wang

Pdf Export Search Coherence Modeling for the Automated Assessment of Spontaneous Spoken Responses
[N13-1101]: Xinhao Wang | Keelan Evanini | Klaus Zechner


Pdf Export Search Integrating Multi-level Linguistic Knowledge with a Unified Framework for Mandarin Speech Recognition
[D08-1086]: Xinhao Wang | Jiazhong Nie | Dingsheng Luo | Xihong Wu

Pdf Export Search An Improved CRF based Chinese Language Processing System for SIGHAN Bakeoff 2007
[I08-4028]: Xihong Wu | Xiaojun Lin | Xinhao Wang | Chunyao Wu | Yaozhong Zhang | Dianhai Yu


Pdf Export Search Chinese Word Segmentation with Maximum Entropy and N-gram Language Model
[W06-0121]: Xinhao Wang | Xiaojun Lin | Dianhai Yu | Hao Tian | Xihong Wu