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Pdf Export Search Does Higher Order LSTM Have Better Accuracy for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data?
[C18-1061]: Yi Zhang | Xu Sun | Shuming Ma | Yang Yang | Xuancheng Ren

Pdf Export Search A Neural Question Answering Model Based on Semi-Structured Tables
[C18-1165]: Hao Wang | Xiaodong Zhang | Shuming Ma | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang | Mengxiang Wang

Pdf Export Search Deconvolution-Based Global Decoding for Neural Machine Translation
[C18-1276]: Junyang Lin | Xu Sun | Xuancheng Ren | Shuming Ma | Jinsong Su | Qi Su

Pdf Export Search SGM: Sequence Generation Model for Multi-label Classification
[C18-1330]: Pengcheng Yang | Xu Sun | Wei Li | Shuming Ma | Wei Wu | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search simNet: Stepwise Image-Topic Merging Network for Generating Detailed and Comprehensive Image Captions
[D18-1013]: Fenglin Liu | Xuancheng Ren | Yuanxin Liu | Houfeng Wang | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Auto-Dialabel: Labeling Dialogue Data with Unsupervised Learning
[D18-1072]: Chen Shi | Qi Chen | Lei Sha | Sujian Li | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang | Lintao Zhang

Pdf Export Search An Auto-Encoder Matching Model for Learning Utterance-Level Semantic Dependency in Dialogue Generation
[D18-1075]: Liangchen Luo | Jingjing Xu | Junyang Lin | Qi Zeng | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Learning Sentiment Memories for Sentiment Modification without Parallel Data
[D18-1138]: Yi Zhang | Jingjing Xu | Pengcheng Yang | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Learning When to Concentrate or Divert Attention: Self-Adaptive Attention Temperature for Neural Machine Translation
[D18-1331]: Junyang Lin | Xu Sun | Xuancheng Ren | Muyu Li | Qi Su

Pdf Export Search Diversity-Promoting GAN: A Cross-Entropy Based Generative Adversarial Network for Diversified Text Generation
[D18-1428]: Jingjing Xu | Xuancheng Ren | Junyang Lin | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search A Skeleton-Based Model for Promoting Coherence Among Sentences in Narrative Story Generation
[D18-1462]: Jingjing Xu | Xuancheng Ren | Yi Zhang | Qi Zeng | Xiaoyan Cai | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Semantic-Unit-Based Dilated Convolution for Multi-Label Text Classification
[D18-1485]: Junyang Lin | Qi Su | Pengcheng Yang | Shuming Ma | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Query and Output: Generating Words by Querying Distributed Word Representations for Paraphrase Generation
[N18-1018]: Shuming Ma | Xu Sun | Wei Li | Sujian Li | Wenjie Li | Xuancheng Ren

Pdf Export Search Dataset Structure Regularized Neural Network for Entity Relation Classification for Chinese Literature Text
[N18-2059]: Ji Wen | Xu Sun | Xuancheng Ren | Qi Su


Pdf Export Search F-Score Driven Max Margin Neural Network for Named Entity Recognition in Chinese Social Media
[E17-2113]: Hangfeng He | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Addressing Domain Adaptation for Chinese Word Segmentation with Global Recurrent Structure
[I17-1019]: Shen Huang | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Tag-Enhanced Tree-Structured Neural Networks for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
[I17-1050]: Yizhong Wang | Sujian Li | Jingfeng Yang | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Cascading Multiway Attentions for Document-level Sentiment Classification
[I17-1064]: Dehong Ma | Sujian Li | Xiaodong Zhang | Houfeng Wang | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Improving Semantic Relevance for Sequence-to-Sequence Learning of Chinese Social Media Text Summarization
[P17-2100]: Shuming Ma | Xu Sun | Jingjing Xu | Houfeng Wang | Wenjie Li | Qi Su


Pdf Export Search Knowledge-Based Semantic Embedding for Machine Translation
[P16-1212]: Chen Shi | Shujie Liu | Shuo Ren | Shi Feng | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Dependency-based Gated Recursive Neural Network for Chinese Word Segmentation
[P16-2092]: Jingjing Xu | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Asynchronous Parallel Learning for Neural Networks and Structured Models with Dense Features
[C16-1019]: Xu Sun


Pdf Export Search Multi-label Text Categorization with Joint Learning Predictions-as-Features Method
[D15-1099]: Li Li | Houfeng Wang | Xu Sun | Baobao Chang | Shi Zhao | Lei Sha


Pdf Export Search Feature-Frequency–Adaptive On-line Training for Fast and Accurate Natural Language Processing
[J14-3004]: Xu Sun | Wenjie Li | Houfeng Wang | Qin Lu

Pdf Export Search Predicting Chinese Abbreviations with Minimum Semantic Unit and Global Constraints
[D14-1147]: Longkai Zhang | li li | Houfeng WANG | Xu Sun

Pdf Export Search Coarse-grained Candidate Generation and Fine-grained Re-ranking for Chinese Abbreviation Prediction
[D14-1202]: Longkai Zhang | Houfeng WANG | Xu Sun


Pdf Export Search Generalized Abbreviation Prediction with Negative Full Forms and Its Application on Improving Chinese Web Search
[I13-1073]: Xu Sun | Wenjie Li | Fanqi Meng | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Exploring Representations from Unlabeled Data with Co-training for Chinese Word Segmentation
[D13-1031]: Longkai Zhang | Houfeng Wang | Xu Sun | Mairgup Mansur


Pdf Export Search Fast Online Training with Frequency-Adaptive Learning Rates for Chinese Word Segmentation and New Word Detection
[P12-1027]: Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang | Wenjie Li


Pdf Export Search Learning Phrase-Based Spelling Error Models from Clickthrough Data
[P10-1028]: Xu Sun | Jianfeng Gao | Daniel Micol | Chris Quirk

Pdf Export Search A Large Scale Ranker-Based System for Search Query Spelling Correction
[C10-1041]: Jianfeng Gao | Xiaolong Li | Daniel Micol | Chris Quirk | Xu Sun


Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Latent Variable Chinese Segmenter with Hybrid Word/Character Information
[N09-1007]: Xu Sun | Yaozhong Zhang | Takuya Matsuzaki | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Sequential Labeling with Latent Variables: An Exact Inference Algorithm and its Efficient Approximation
[E09-1088]: Xu Sun | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Robust Approach to Abbreviating Terms: A Discriminative Latent Variable Model with Global Information
[P09-1102]: Xu Sun | Naoaki Okazaki | Jun’ichi Tsujii


Pdf Export Search Modeling Latent-Dynamic in Shallow Parsing: A Latent Conditional Model with Imrpoved Inference
[C08-1106]: Xu Sun | Louis-Philippe Morency | Daisuke Okanohara | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Jun'ichi Tsujii