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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Generalization in the Age of Deep Learning
[W18-1000]: Yonatan Bisk | Omer Levy | Mark Yatskar

Pdf Export Search Inducing Grammars with and for Neural Machine Translation
[W18-2704]: Yonatan Bisk | Ke Tran

Pdf Export Search Attachment SWAG: A Large-Scale Adversarial Dataset for Grounded Commonsense Inference
[D18-1009]: Rowan Zellers | Yonatan Bisk | Roy Schwartz | Yejin Choi


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Grounding for Robotics
[W17-2800]: Mohit Bansal | Cynthia Matuszek | Jacob Andreas | Yoav Artzi | Yonatan Bisk

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Inference from Multiple Premises
[I17-1011]: Alice Lai | Yonatan Bisk | Julia Hockenmaier


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Induced CCG Parsers on Grounded Semantic Parsing
[D16-1214]: Yonatan Bisk | Siva Reddy | John Blitzer | Julia Hockenmaier | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Neural Hidden Markov Models
[W16-5907]: Ke M. Tran | Yonatan Bisk | Ashish Vaswani | Daniel Marcu | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Supertagging With LSTMs
[N16-1027]: Ashish Vaswani | Yonatan Bisk | Kenji Sagae | Ryan Musa

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Communication with Robots
[N16-1089]: Yonatan Bisk | Deniz Yuret | Daniel Marcu


Pdf Export Search Probing the Linguistic Strengths and Limitations of Unsupervised Grammar Induction
[P15-1135]: Yonatan Bisk | Julia Hockenmaier

Pdf Export Search Labeled Grammar Induction with Minimal Supervision
[P15-2143]: Yonatan Bisk | Christos Christodoulopoulos | Julia Hockenmaier


Pdf Export Search An HDP Model for Inducing Combinatory Categorial Grammars
[Q13-1007]: Yonatan Bisk | Julia Hockenmaier


Pdf Export Search Induction of Linguistic Structure with Combinatory Categorial Grammars
[W12-1912]: Yonatan Bisk | Julia Hockenmaier


Pdf Export Search Normal-form parsing for Combinatory Categorial Grammars with generalized composition and type-raising
[C10-1053]: Julia Hockenmaier | Yonatan Bisk