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Pdf Export Search Better Filtration and Augmentation for Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation Rules
[P10-2026]: Zhiyang Wang | Yajuan Lv | Qun Liu | Young-Sook Hwang

Pdf Export Search Dependency Forest for Statistical Machine Translation
[C10-1123]: Zhaopeng Tu | Yang Liu | Young-Sook Hwang | Qun Liu | Shouxun Lin

Pdf Export Search A Post-processing Approach to Statistical Word Alignment Reflecting Alignment Tendency between Part-of-speeches
[C10-2071]: Jae-Hee Lee | Seung-Wook Lee | Gumwon Hong | Young-Sook Hwang | Sang-Bum Kim | Hae-Chang Rim


Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing Depending on Bilingual Context Toward Generalization of Translation Knowledge
[I08-1043]: Young-Sook Hwang | Young-Kil Kim | Sangkyu Park


Pdf Export Search Using Lexical Dependency and Ontological Knowledge to Improve a Detailed Syntactic and Semantic Tagger of English
[P06-2028]: Andrew Finch | Ezra Black | Young-Sook Hwang | Eiichiro Sumita


Pdf Export Search Empirical Study of Utilizing Morph-Syntactic Information in SMT
[I05-1042]: Young-Sook Hwang | Taro Watanabe | Yutaka Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Using Machine Translation Evaluation Techniques to Determine Sentence-level Semantic Equivalence
[I05-5003]: Andrew Finch | Young-Sook Hwang | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf Export Search Context-Dependent SMT Model using Bilingual Verb-Noun Collocation
[P05-1068]: Young-Sook Hwang | Yutaka Sasaki


Pdf Export Search Bilingual Knowledge Extraction Using Chunk Alignment
[Y04-1013]: Young-Sook Hwang | Kyonghee Paik | Yutaka Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Semantic Role Labeling using Maximum Entropy Model
[W04-2419]: Joon-Ho Lim | Young-Sook Hwang | So-Young Park | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Two-Phase Semantic Role Labeling based on Support Vector Machines
[W04-2420]: Kyung-Mi Park | Young-Sook Hwang | Hae-Chang Rim


Pdf Export Search Two-Phase Biomedical NE Recognition based on SVMs
[W03-1305]: Ki-Joong Lee | Young-Sook Hwang | Hae-Chang Rim


Pdf Export Search Recognizing Korean Unknown Proper Nouns by Using Automatically Extracted Lexical Clues
[O97-1020]: Bong-Rae Park | Young-Sook Hwang | Hae-Chang Rim