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Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Points, Paths, and Playscapes: Large-scale Spatial Language Understanding Tasks Set in the Real World
[W18-1406]: Jason Baldridge | Tania Bedrax-Weiss | Daphne Luong | Srini Narayanan | Bo Pang | Fernando Pereira | Radu Soricut | Michael Tseng | Yuan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Attachment A Fast, Compact, Accurate Model for Language Identification of Codemixed Text
[D18-1030]: Yuan Zhang | Jason Riesa | Daniel Gillick | Anton Bakalov | Jason Baldridge | David Weiss


Pdf Export Search Aspect-augmented Adversarial Networks for Domain Adaptation
[Q17-1036]: Yuan Zhang | Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola


Pdf Export Search Ten Pairs to Tag – Multilingual POS Tagging via Coarse Mapping between Embeddings
[N16-1156]: Yuan Zhang | David Gaddy | Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola

Pdf Export Search Stack-propagation: Improved Representation Learning for Syntax
[P16-1147]: Yuan Zhang | David Weiss


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Low-Rank Tensors for Multilingual Transfer Parsing
[D15-1213]: Yuan Zhang | Regina Barzilay

Pdf Export Search Randomized Greedy Inference for Joint Segmentation, POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing
[N15-1005]: Yuan Zhang | Chengtao Li | Regina Barzilay | Kareem Darwish

Pdf Export Search High-Order Low-Rank Tensors for Semantic Role Labeling
[N15-1121]: Tao Lei | Yuan Zhang | Lluís Màrquez | Alessandro Moschitti | Regina Barzilay


Pdf Export Search Attachment Greed is Good if Randomized: New Inference for Dependency Parsing
[D14-1109]: Yuan Zhang | Tao Lei | Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola

Pdf Export Search Steps to Excellence: Simple Inference with Refined Scoring of Dependency Trees
[P14-1019]: Yuan Zhang | Tao Lei | Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola | Amir Globerson

Pdf Export Search Low-Rank Tensors for Scoring Dependency Structures
[P14-1130]: Tao Lei | Yu Xin | Yuan Zhang | Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola


Pdf Export Search Transfer Learning for Constituency-Based Grammars
[P13-1029]: Yuan Zhang | Regina Barzilay | Amir Globerson


Pdf Export Search Learning to Map into a Universal POS Tagset
[D12-1125]: Yuan Zhang | Roi Reichart | Regina Barzilay | Amir Globerson