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Pdf Export Search DCFEE: A Document-level Chinese Financial Event Extraction System based on Automatically Labeled Training Data
[P18-4009]: Hang Yang | Yubo Chen | Kang Liu | Yang Xiao | Jun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Neural Metaphor Detecting with CNN-LSTM Model
[W18-0913]: Chuhan Wu | Fangzhao Wu | Yubo Chen | Sixing Wu | Zhigang Yuan | Yongfeng Huang

Pdf Export Search Adversarial Transfer Learning for Chinese Named Entity Recognition with Self-Attention Mechanism
[D18-1017]: Pengfei Cao | Yubo Chen | Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Shengping Liu

Pdf Export Search Collective Event Detection via a Hierarchical and Bias Tagging Networks with Gated Multi-level Attention Mechanisms
[D18-1158]: Yubo Chen | Hang Yang | Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Yantao Jia


Pdf Export Search Automatically Labeled Data Generation for Large Scale Event Extraction
[P17-1038]: Yubo Chen | Shulin Liu | Xiang Zhang | Kang Liu | Jun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Argument Information to Improve Event Detection via Supervised Attention Mechanisms
[P17-1164]: Shulin Liu | Yubo Chen | Kang Liu | Jun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Leveraging FrameNet to Improve Automatic Event Detection
[P16-1201]: Shulin Liu | Yubo Chen | Shizhu He | Kang Liu | Jun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction via Piecewise Convolutional Neural Networks
[D15-1203]: Daojian Zeng | Kang Liu | Yubo Chen | Jun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Event Extraction via Dynamic Multi-Pooling Convolutional Neural Networks
[P15-1017]: Yubo Chen | Liheng Xu | Kang Liu | Daojian Zeng | Jun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Group Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Natural Categories for Question Retrieval in Community Question Answer Archives
[C14-1010]: Guangyou Zhou | Yubo Chen | Daojian Zeng | Jun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Mining Opinion Words and Opinion Targets in a Two-Stage Framework
[P13-1173]: Liheng Xu | Kang Liu | Siwei Lai | Yubo Chen | Jun Zhao