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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Declarative Knowledge Induction for Constraint-Based Learning of Information Structure in Scientific Documents
[Q15-1010]: Yufan Guo | Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen


Pdf Export Search CRAB 2.0: A text mining tool for supporting literature review in chemical cancer risk assessment
[C14-2017]: Yufan Guo | Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha | Ilona Silins | Lin Sun | Johan Högberg | Ulla Stenius | Anna Korhonen

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Argumentative analysis of the ACL Anthology (Analyse argumentative du corpus de l’ACL (ACL Anthology)) [in French]
[F14-2032]: Elisa Omodei | Yufan Guo | Jean-Philippe Cointet | Thierry Poibeau

Pdf Export Search Native Language Identification Using Large, Longitudinal Data
[L14-1051]: Xiao Jiang | Yufan Guo | Jeroen Geertzen | Dora Alexopoulou | Lin Sun | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Social and Semantic Diversity: Socio-semantic Representation of a Scientific Corpus
[W14-0610]: Thierry Poibeau | Elisa Omodei | Jean-Philippe Cointet | Yufan Guo


Pdf Export Search Improved Information Structure Analysis of Scientific Documents Through Discourse and Lexical Constraints
[N13-1113]: Yufan Guo | Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen


Pdf Export Search Using Argumentative Zones for Extractive Summarization of Scientific Articles
[C12-1041]: Danish Contractor | Yufan Guo | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search CRAB Reader: A Tool for Analysis and Visualization of Argumentative Zones in Scientific Literature
[C12-3023]: Yufan Guo | Ilona Silins | Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen


Pdf Export Search A Weakly-supervised Approach to Argumentative Zoning of Scientific Documents
[D11-1025]: Yufan Guo | Anna Korhonen | Thierry Poibeau


Pdf Export Search Identifying the Information Structure of Scientific Abstracts: An Investigation of Three Different Schemes
[W10-1913]: Yufan Guo | Anna Korhonen | Maria Liakata | Ilona Silins | Lin Sun | Ulla Stenius