Pdf Export Search A Knowledge-Augmented Neural Network Model for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
[C18-1049]: Yudai Kishimoto | Yugo Murawaki | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Attachment Analyzing Correlated Evolution of Multiple Features Using Latent Representations
[D18-1468]: Yugo Murawaki

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependencies Version 2 for Japanese
[L18-1287]: Masayuki Asahara | Hiroshi Kanayama | Takaaki Tanaka | Yusuke Miyao | Sumire Uematsu | Shinsuke Mori | Yuji Matsumoto | Mai Omura | Yugo Murawaki

Pdf Export Search Annotating Modality Expressions and Event Factuality for a Japanese Chess Commentary Corpus
[L18-1393]: Suguru Matsuyoshi | Hirotaka Kameko | Yugo Murawaki | Shinsuke Mori

Pdf Export Search Improving Crowdsourcing-Based Annotation of Japanese Discourse Relations
[L18-1637]: Yudai Kishimoto | Shinnosuke Sawada | Yugo Murawaki | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi


Pdf Export Search Note Diachrony-aware Induction of Binary Latent Representations from Typological Features
[I17-1046]: Yugo Murawaki


Pdf Export Search Contrasting Vertical and Horizontal Transmission of Typological Features
[C16-1080]: Kenji Yamauchi | Yugo Murawaki

Pdf Export Search Statistical Modeling of Creole Genesis
[N16-1158]: Yugo Murawaki


Pdf Export Search Continuous Space Representations of Linguistic Typology and their Application to Phylogenetic Inference
[N15-1036]: Yugo Murawaki


Pdf Export Search Global Model for Hierarchical Multi-Label Text Classification
[I13-1006]: Yugo Murawaki


Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Noun Compound Analysis with Edge and Span Features
[C12-1117]: Yugo Murawaki | Sadao Kurohashi


Pdf Export Search Non-parametric Bayesian Segmentation of Japanese Noun Phrases
[D11-1056]: Yugo Murawaki | Sadao Kurohashi


Pdf Export Search Online Japanese Unknown Morpheme Detection using Orthographic Variation
[L10-1111]: Yugo Murawaki | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Semantic Classification of Automatically Acquired Nouns using Lexico-Syntactic Clues
[C10-2101]: Yugo Murawaki | Sadao Kurohashi


Pdf Export Search Online Acquisition of Japanese Unknown Morphemes using Morphological Constraints
[D08-1045]: Yugo Murawaki | Sadao Kurohashi