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Pdf Export Search Language Identification and Morphosyntactic Tagging: The Second VarDial Evaluation Campaign
[W18-3901]: Marcos Zampieri | Shervin Malmasi | Preslav Nakov | Ahmed Ali | Suwon Shon | James Glass | Yves Scherrer | Tanja Samardžić | Nikola Ljubešić | Jörg Tiedemann | Chris van der Lee | Stefan Grondelaers | Nelleke Oostdijk | Dirk Speelman | Antal van den Bosch | Ritesh Kumar | Bornini Lahiri | Mayank Jain

Pdf Export Search The University of Helsinki submissions to the WMT18 news task
[W18-6425]: Alessandro Raganato | Yves Scherrer | Tommi Nieminen | Arvi Hurskainen | Jörg Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search The WMT’18 Morpheval test suites for English-Czech, English-German, English-Finnish and Turkish-English
[W18-6433]: Franck Burlot | Yves Scherrer | Vinit Ravishankar | Ondřej Bojar | Stig-Arne Grönroos | Maarit Koponen | Tommi Nieminen | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing Regional Variation Data and Automatic Geolocalisation of Speakers of European French
[L18-1527]: Jean-Philippe Goldman | Yves Scherrer | Julie Glikman | Mathieu Avanzi | Christophe Benzitoun | Philippe Boula de Mareüil


Pdf Export Search Findings of the VarDial Evaluation Campaign 2017
[W17-1201]: Marcos Zampieri | Shervin Malmasi | Nikola Ljubešić | Preslav Nakov | Ahmed Ali | Jörg Tiedemann | Yves Scherrer | Noëmi Aepli

Pdf Export Search Multi-source morphosyntactic tagging for spoken Rusyn
[W17-1210]: Yves Scherrer | Achim Rabus

Pdf Export Search Lexicon Induction for Spoken Rusyn – Challenges and Results
[W17-1405]: Achim Rabus | Yves Scherrer

Pdf Export Search The Helsinki Neural Machine Translation System
[W17-4733]: Robert Östling | Yves Scherrer | Jörg Tiedemann | Gongbo Tang | Tommi Nieminen

Pdf Export Search Neural Machine Translation with Extended Context
[W17-4811]: Jörg Tiedemann | Yves Scherrer


Pdf Export Search On-line Multilingual Linguistic Services
[C16-2019]: Eric Wehrli | Yves Scherrer | Luka Nerima


Pdf Export Search SwissAdmin: A multilingual tagged parallel corpus of press releases
[L14-1602]: Yves Scherrer | Luka Nerima | Lorenza Russo | Maria Ivanova | Eric Wehrli

Pdf Export Search A language-independent and fully unsupervised approach to lexicon induction and part-of-speech tagging for closely related languages
[L14-1619]: Yves Scherrer | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised adaptation of supervised part-of-speech taggers for closely related languages
[W14-5304]: Yves Scherrer


Pdf Export Search Modernizing historical Slovene words with character-based SMT
[W13-2409]: Yves Scherrer | Tomaž Erjavec

Pdf Export Search Lexicon induction and part-of-speech tagging of non-resourced languages without any bilingual resources
[W13-5306]: Yves Scherrer | Benoît Sagot


Pdf Export Search The Trilingual ALLEGRA Corpus: Presentation and Possible Use for Lexicon Induction
[L12-1400]: Yves Scherrer | Bruno Cartoni

Pdf Export Search Recovering dialect geography from an unaligned comparable corpus
[W12-0210]: Yves Scherrer


Pdf Export Search Syntactic transformations for Swiss German dialects
[W11-2604]: Yves Scherrer


Pdf Export Search Word-Based Dialect Identification with Georeferenced Rules
[D10-1112]: Yves Scherrer | Owen Rambow


Pdf Export Search Deep Linguistic Multilingual Translation and Bilingual Dictionaries
[W09-0415]: Eric Wehrli | Luka Nerima | Yves Scherrer


Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging with a Symbolic Full Parser: Using the TIGER Treebank to Evaluate Fips
[W08-1003]: Yves Scherrer


Pdf Export Search Adaptive String Distance Measures for Bilingual Dialect Lexicon Induction
[P07-3010]: Yves Scherrer