Pdf Export Search 中文名詞組的辨識:監督式與半監督式學習法的實驗 (Chinese NP Chunking: Experiments with Supervised,and Semisupervised Learning) [In Chinese]
[O08-1013]: Yen Hsi Lin | Zhao Ming Gao | Cheng Yan Kao


Pdf Export Search 詞義辨識:機器學習演算法特徵的選取與組合 (Feature Selections in Word Sense Disambiguation) [In Chinese]
[O07-1010]: Shao Hang Kao | Zhao Ming Gao

Pdf Export Search 中文詞彙語意資料的整合與擷取:詞彙語意學的觀點 (Extraction and Integration of Chinese Lexical Semantic Information) [In Chinese]
[O07-2001]: Zhao Ming Gao

Pdf Export Search 針對數學與科學教育領域之電腦輔助英中試題翻譯系統 (An Exploration of Computer Assisted Translation of Test Items for Mathematics and Sciences) [In Chinese]
[O07-2011]: Ming-Shin Lu | Zhao Ming Gao | Chao-Lin Liu | Chun-Yen Chang


Pdf Export Search 利用向量支撐機辨識中文基底名詞組的初步研究 (A Preliminary Study on Chinese Base NP Detection using SVM) [In Chinese]
[O05-1021]: Hsi-Wei Chang | Zhao Ming Gao | Chao-Lin Liu

Pdf Export Search 基於統計與佚代的中英雙語詞及小句對應演算法 (An Iterative Algorithm for Bilingual Chinese-English Word and Clause Alignment based on Statistics) [In Chinese]
[O05-1026]: Tzu-Huan Huang | Zhao Ming Gao


Pdf Export Search 利用自然語言處理技術自動產生英文克漏詞試題之研究 (A Study on Natural Language Processing Aided Grneration of Multiple-Choice Cloze Items) [In Chinese]
[O04-1012]: Chun-Hung Wang | Chao-Lin Liu | Zhao Ming Gao

Pdf Export Search 結合統計與語言訊息的混合式中英雙語句對應演算法 (Combining Linguistic and Statistical Information in Chinese-English Bilingual Sentence Alignment) [In Chinese]
[O04-1029]: Yu-Chun Lin | Zhao Ming Gao


Pdf Export Search 中文動詞自動分類研究 (Automatic Classification of Chinese Unknown Verbs) [In Chinese]
[O01-1012]: Hui-hsin Tseng | Chao-Lin Liu | Zhao Ming Gao | Keh-Jiann Chen