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Pdf Export Search Detecting and Explaining Causes From Text For a Time Series Event
[D17-1292]: Dongyeop Kang | Varun Gangal | Ang Lu | Zheng Chen | Eduard Hovy


Pdf Export Search Entity Disambiguation by Knowledge and Text Jointly Embedding
[K16-1026]: Wei Fang | Jianwen Zhang | Dilin Wang | Zheng Chen | Ming Li


Pdf Export Search Aligning Knowledge and Text Embeddings by Entity Descriptions
[D15-1031]: Huaping Zhong | Jianwen Zhang | Zhen Wang | Hai Wan | Zheng Chen


Pdf Export Search Attachment Knowledge Graph and Text Jointly Embedding
[D14-1167]: Zhen Wang | Jianwen Zhang | Jianlin Feng | Zheng Chen


Pdf Export Search Towards Accurate Distant Supervision for Relational Facts Extraction
[P13-2141]: Xingxing Zhang | Jianwen Zhang | Junyu Zeng | Jun Yan | Zheng Chen | Zhifang Sui


Pdf Export Search Collaborative Ranking: A Case Study on Entity Linking
[D11-1071]: Zheng Chen | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Slot Filling from Comparable Corpora
[W11-1215]: Matthew Snover | Xiang Li | Wen-Pin Lin | Zheng Chen | Suzanne Tamang | Mingmin Ge | Adam Lee | Qi Li | Hao Li | Sam Anzaroot | Heng Ji


Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Clustering for Computational Linguistics: A Survey
[W10-2301]: Zheng Chen | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search Utility Evaluation of Cross-document Information Extraction
[N10-1036]: Heng Ji | Zheng Chen | Jonathan Feldman | Antonio Gonzalez | Ralph Grishman | Vivek Upadhyay


Pdf Export Search Language Specific Issue and Feature Exploration in Chinese Event Extraction
[N09-2053]: Zheng Chen | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search Cross-document Temporal and Spatial Person Tracking System Demonstration
[N09-5001]: Heng Ji | Zheng Chen

Pdf Export Search Can One Language Bootstrap the Other: A Case Study on Event Extraction
[W09-2209]: Zheng Chen | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search Graph-based Event Coreference Resolution
[W09-3208]: Zheng Chen | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search A Pairwise Event Coreference Model, Feature Impact and Evaluation for Event Coreference Resolution
[W09-4303]: Zheng Chen | Heng Ji | Robert Haralick

Pdf Export Search Cross-document Event Extraction and Tracking: Task, Evaluation, Techniques and Challenges
[R09-1032]: Heng Ji | Ralph Grishman | Zheng Chen | Prashant Gupta


Pdf Export Search A Study for Document Summarization Based on Personal Annotation
[W03-0506]: Haiqin Zhang | Zheng Chen | Wei-ying Ma | Qingsheng Cai


Pdf Export Search A New Statistical Approach To Chinese Pinyin Input
[P00-1031]: Zheng Chen | Kai-Fu Lee