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Pdf Export Search SingleCite: Towards an improved Single Citation Search in PubMed
[W18-2318]: Lana Yeganova | Donald C Comeau | Won Kim | W John Wilbur | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search Note MeSH-based dataset for measuring the relevance of text retrieval
[W18-2320]: Won Gyu KIM | Lana Yeganova | Donald comeau | W John Wilbur | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search Personalized neural language models for real-world query auto completion
[N18-3026]: Nicolas Fiorini | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search Deep learning for extracting protein-protein interactions from biomedical literature
[W17-2304]: Yifan Peng | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search BioCreative VI Precision Medicine Track: creating a training corpus for mining protein-protein interactions affected by mutations
[W17-2321]: Rezarta Islamaj Dogan | Andrew Chatr-aryamontri | Sun Kim | Chih-Hsuan Wei | Yifan Peng | Donald Comeau | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search Deep Learning for Biomedical Information Retrieval: Learning Textual Relevance from Click Logs
[W17-2328]: Sunil Mohan | Nicolas Fiorini | Sun Kim | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search PubTermVariants: biomedical term variants and their use for PubMed search
[W16-2919]: Lana Yeganova | Won Kim | Sun Kim | Rezarta Islamaj Do─čan | Wanli Liu | Donald C Comeau | Zhiyong Lu | W John Wilbur

Pdf Export Search Exploring Query Expansion for Entity Searches in PubMed
[W16-6114]: Chung-Chi Huang | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search Automated Disease Normalization with Low Rank Approximations
[W14-3404]: Robert Leaman | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search An improved corpus of disease mentions in PubMed citations
[W12-2411]: Rezarta Islamaj Dogan | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of data deposition statements: where do the research results go?
[W11-0213]: Aurelie Neveol | W. John Wilbur | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search Learning to Annotate Scientific Publications
[C10-2053]: Minlie Huang | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Generation of Gene Summary
[W09-1312]: Feng Jin | Minlie Huang | Zhiyong Lu | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Exploring Two Biomedical Text Genres for Disease Recognition
[W09-1319]: Aurelie Neveol | Won Kim | W. John Wilbur | Zhiyong Lu