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Pdf Export Search A Prospective-Performance Network to Alleviate Myopia in Beam Search for Response Generation
[C18-1306]: Zongsheng Wang | Yunzhi Bai | Bowen Wu | Zhen Xu | Zhuoran Wang | Baoxun Wang

Pdf Export Search Software Dataset LSDSCC: a Large Scale Domain-Specific Conversational Corpus for Response Generation with Diversity Oriented Evaluation Metrics
[N18-1188]: Zhen Xu | Nan Jiang | Bingquan Liu | Wenge Rong | Bowen Wu | Baoxun Wang | Zhuoran Wang | Xiaolong Wang


Pdf Export Search Neural Response Generation via GAN with an Approximate Embedding Layer
[D17-1065]: Zhen Xu | Bingquan Liu | Baoxun Wang | Chengjie SUN | Xiaolong Wang | Zhuoran Wang | Chao Qi

Pdf Export Search Predicting Users' Negative Feedbacks in Multi-Turn Human-Computer Dialogues
[I17-1072]: Xin Wang | Jianan Wang | Yuanchao Liu | Xiaolong Wang | Zhuoran Wang | Baoxun Wang

Pdf Export Search Group Linguistic Bias Aware Neural Response Generation
[W17-6001]: Jianan Wang | Xin Wang | Fang Li | Zhen Xu | Zhuoran Wang | Baoxun Wang


Pdf Export Search Learning Domain-Independent Dialogue Policies via Ontology Parameterisation
[W15-4654]: Zhuoran Wang | Tsung-Hsien Wen | Pei-Hao Su | Yannis Stylianou


Pdf Export Search Policy Learning for Domain Selection in an Extensible Multi-domain Spoken Dialogue System
[D14-1007]: Zhuoran Wang | Hongliang Chen | Guanchun Wang | Hao Tian | Hua Wu | Haifeng Wang


Pdf Export Search A Simple and Generic Belief Tracking Mechanism for the Dialog State Tracking Challenge: On the believability of observed information
[W13-4067]: Zhuoran Wang | Oliver Lemon


Pdf Export Search A Statistical Spoken Dialogue System using Complex User Goals and Value Directed Compression
[E12-2010]: Paul A. Crook | Zhuoran Wang | Xingkun Liu | Oliver Lemon


Pdf Export Search Kernel Regression Framework for Machine Translation: UCL System Description for WMT 2008 Shared Translation Task
[W08-0322]: Zhuoran Wang | John Shawe-Taylor


Pdf Export Search Kernel Regression Based Machine Translation
[N07-2047]: Zhuoran Wang | John Shawe-Taylor | Sandor Szedmak