Table of contents

Anthology Volume Year Papers
W01-16 Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue 2001 30
W99-01 The Relation of Discourse/Dialogue Structure and Reference 1999 14
W99-03 Towards Standards and Tools for Discourse Tagging 1999 15

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

Pdf Export Search Annotations and Tools for an Activity Based Spoken Language Corpus
[W01-1601]: Jens Allwood | Leif Groenqvist | Elisabeth Ahlsen | Magnus Gunnarsson

Pdf Export Search Variant Transduction: A Method for Rapid Development of Interactive Spoken Interfaces
[W01-1602]: Hiyan Alshawi | Shona Douglas

Pdf Export Search Development of a Machine Learnable Discourse Tagging Tool
[W01-1603]: Masahiro Araki | Yukihiko Kimura | Takuya Nishimoto | Yasuhisa Niimi

Pdf Export Search Against the Identification of Anaphora and Presupposition
[W01-1604]: Peter Bosch

Pdf Export Search Building a Discourse-Tagged Corpus in the Framework of Rhetorical Structure Theory
[W01-1605]: Lynn Carlson | Daniel Marcu | Mary Ellen Okurovsky

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Speech Recognition Errors in a Task-Oriented Dialogue System
[W01-1606]: Marc Cavazza

Pdf Export Search Comparing Several Aspects of Human-Computer and Human-Human Dialogues
[W01-1607]: Christine Doran | John Aberdeen | Laurie Damianos | Lynette Hirschman

Pdf Export Search Generating Full Paraphrases of Fragments in a Dialogue Interpretation System
[W01-1608]: Christian Ebert | Shalom Lappin | Howard Gregory | Nicolas Nicolov

Pdf Export Search Automated Tutoring Dialogues for Training in Shipboard Damage Control
[W01-1609]: John Fry | Matt Ginzton | Stanley Peters | Brady Clark | Heather Pon-Barry

Pdf Export Search Labeling Corrections and Aware Sites in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W01-1610]: Julia Hirschberg | Marc Swerts | Diane Litman

Pdf Export Search Confidence-Based Adaptivity in Response Generation for a Spoken Dialogue System
[W01-1611]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search Annotating Anaphoric and Bridging Relations with MMAX
[W01-1612]: Christoph Mueller | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search A Study of Automatic Pitch Tracker Doubling/Halving "Errors"
[W01-1613]: Kathleen Murray

Pdf Export Search Empirical Methods for Evaluating Dialog Systems
[W01-1614]: Tim Paek

Pdf Export Search Integration of Referential Scope Limitations into Japanese Pronoun Resolution
[W01-1615]: Michael Paul | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf Export Search On the Means for Clarification in Dialogue
[W01-1616]: Matthew Purver | Jonathan Ginzburg | Patrick Healey

Pdf Export Search Plug and Play Speech Understanding
[W01-1617]: Manny Rayner | Ian Lewin | Genevieve Gorrell | Johan Boye

Pdf Export Search Designing Confirmation Mechanisms and Error Recover Techniques in a Railway Information System for Spanish
[W01-1618]: Ruben San-Segundo | Juan Manuel Montero | Jose Manuel Pardo

Pdf Export Search A Telephone-Based Railway Information System for Spanish: Development of a Methodology for Spoken Dialogue Design
[W01-1619]: Ruben San-Segundo | Juan M. Montero | Juana M. Guitierrez | Ascension Gallardo | Jose D. Romeral | Jose M. Pardo

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to the Development of Dialogue Systems directed by Semantics
[W01-1620]: Emilio Sanchis | Isabel Galiano | Fernando Garcia | Antonio Cano

Pdf Export Search Reconciling Initiative and Discourse Structure
[W01-1621]: Susan E. Strayer | Peter A. Heeman

Pdf Export Search Adding Extra Input/Output Modalities to a Spoken Dialogue System
[W01-1622]: Janienke Sturm | Fusi Wang | Bert Cranen

Pdf Export Search Toward a Large Spontaneous Mandarin Dialogue Corpus
[W01-1623]: Shu-Chuan Tseng

Pdf Export Search Conversational Implicatures
[W01-1624]: Robert van Rooy

Pdf Export Search Melodic Cues to Turn-Taking in English: Evidence from Perception
[W01-1625]: Anne Wichmann | Johanneke Caspers

Pdf Export Search A Corpus Study of Evaluative and Speculative Language
[W01-1626]: Janyce Wiebe | Rebecca Bruce | Matthew Bell | Melanie Martin | Theresa Wilson

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Tagsets in Oncology
[W01-1627]: Mary McGee Wood

Pdf Export Search Visualizing Spoken Discourse: Prosodic Form and Discourse Functions of Interruptions
[W01-1628]: Li-chiung Yang

Pdf Export Search Spoken Dialogue Control Based on a Turn-minimization Criterion Depending on the Speech Recognition Accuracy
[W01-1629]: Norihi Yasuda | Kohji Dohsaka | Kiyoaki Aikawa

Pdf Export Search The Relation of Discourse/Dialogue Structure and Reference

Pdf Export Search The Relation of Discourse/Dialogue Structure and Reference

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Approach to Reference and Presupposition Resolution
[W99-0101]: Robert T. Kasper | Paul C. Davis | Craige Roberts

Pdf Export Search Approaches,to Japanese zero pronouns: Centering and relevance
[W99-0102]: Tomoko Matsui

Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution using Extended Centen'ng Algorithm in a Multi-modal Dialogue System
[W99-0103]: Harksoo Kim | Jeong-Mi Cho | Jungyun Seo

Pdf Export Search Knowledge-Lean Coreference Resolution and its Relation to Textual Cohesion and Coherence
[W99-0104]: Sanda M. Harabagiu | Steven J. Maiorano

Pdf Export Search Positing and resolving bridging anaphora in deverba! NPs
[W99-0105]: Elena Not | Lucia M. Tovena | Massimo Zancanaro

Pdf Export Search Discourse Structure and Co-Reference: An Empirical Study
[W99-0106]: Dan Cristea | Nancy lde | Daniel Marcu | Valentin Tablan

Pdf Export Search Building a Tool for Annotating Reference in Discourse
[W99-0107]: Jonathan DeCristofaro | Michael Strube | Kathleen E McCoy

Pdf Export Search Generating Anaphoric Expressions: Pronoun or Definite Description?
[W99-0108]: Kathleen E McCoy | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Cb or not Cb? Centering theory applied to NLG
[W99-0109]: Rodger Kibble

Pdf Export Search Comprehension of Coreferentiai Expressions
[W99-0110]: Peter C-Gordon | Randall Hendrick

Pdf Export Search Reference-based Discourse Structure for Reference Resolution
[W99-0111]: Helen Seville | Allan Ramsay

Pdf Export Search Reference Hashed
[W99-0112]: Frank Schilder

Pdf Export Search Logical Structure and Discourse Anaphora Resolution
[W99-0113]: Livia Polanyi | Martin van den Berg

Pdf Export Search Towards Standards and Tools for Discourse Tagging

Pdf Export Search Towards Standards and Tools for Discourse Tagging

Pdf Export Search Annotation Graphs as a Framework for Multidimensional Linguistic Data Analysis
[W99-0301]: Steven Bird | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search The MATE Annotation Workbench: User Requirements
[W99-0302]: Jean Carletta | Amy Isard

Pdf Export Search Argumentation Mark-Up: A Proposal
[W99-0303]: Jean-Francois Delannoy

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Annotation Schemes for Japanese Discourse Japanese Discourse Tagging Working Group
[W99-0304]: A. Ichikawa | M. Araki | Y. Horiuchi | M. Ishizaki | S. Itabashi | W. Itoh | H Kashioka | K. Kato | H. Kikuchi | H. Koiso | T. Kumagai | A. Kurematsu | K. Maekawa | S. Nakazato | M. Tamoto | S. Tutiya | Y. Yamashita | W. Yoshimura

[W99-0305]: Marion Klein

Pdf Export Search Tagging of Speech Acts and Dialogue Games in Spanish Call Home
[W99-0306]: Lori Levin | Klaus Ries | Ann Thyme-Gobbel | Alon Lavie

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Constructing a Corpus of Discourse Trees
[W99-0307]: Daniel Marcu | Estibaliz Amorrortu | Magdalena Romera

Pdf Export Search Tagging Psychotherapeutic Interviews for Linguistic Analysis
[W99-0308]: Jon David Patrick

Pdf Export Search The MATE meta-scheme for coreference in dialogues in multiple languages
[W99-0309]: M. Poesio | F. Bruneseaux | L. Romary

Pdf Export Search A recognition-based meta-scheme for dialogue acts annotation
[W99-0310]: Claudia Soria | Vito Pirrelli

Pdf Export Search Discourse-level argumentation in scientific articles: human and automatic annotation
[W99-0311]: Simone Teufel | Marc Moens

Pdf Export Search A mark up language for tagging discourse and annotating documents in context sensitive interpretation environments
[W99-0312]: Graziella Tonfoni

Pdf Export Search A Two-level Approach to Coding Dialogue for Discourse Structure: Activities of the 1998 DRI Working Group on Higher-level Structures
[W99-0313]: David R. Traum | Christine H. Nakatani

Pdf Export Search Automatically Extracting Grounding Tags from BF Tags
[W99-0314]: Teresa Zollo | Mark Core