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Pdf Export Search 2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora

Pdf Export Search Pattern-Based Disambiguation for Natural Language Processing
[W00-1301]: Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search What's Yours and What's Mine: Determining Intellectual Attribution in Scientific Text
[W00-1302]: Simone Teufel | Marc Moens

Pdf Export Search Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis Based on Support Vector Machines
[W00-1303]: Taku Kudo | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Coaxing Confidences from an Old Freind: Probabilistic Classifications from Transformation Rule Lists
[W00-1304]: Radu Florian | John C. Henderson | Grace Ngai

Pdf Export Search Topic Analysis Using a Finite Mixture Model
[W00-1305]: Hang Li | Kenji Yamanishi

Pdf Export Search Sample Selection for Statistical Grammar Induction
[W00-1306]: Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search A Uniform Method of Grammar Extraction and Its Applications
[W00-1307]: Fei Xia | Martha Palmer | Aravind Joshi

Pdf Export Search Enriching the Knowledge Sources Used in a Maximum Entropy Part-of-Speech Tagger
[W00-1308]: Kristina Toutanvoa | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Error-driven HMM-based Chunk Tagger with Context-dependent Lexicon
[W00-1309]: GuoDong Zhou | Jian Su

Pdf Export Search Nonlocal Language Modeling based on Context Co-occurrence Vectors
[W00-1310]: Sadao Kurohashi | Manabu Ori

Pdf Export Search Detection of Language (Model) Errors
[W00-1311]: K.Y. Hung | R.W.P. Luk | D. Yeung | K.F.L. Chung | W. Shu

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Information Retrieval Using Hidden Markov Models
[W00-1312]: Jinxi Xu | Ralph Weischedel

Pdf Export Search Query Translation in Chinese-English Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[W00-1313]: Yibo Zhang | Le Sun | Lin Du | Yufang Sun

Pdf Export Search Word Alignment of English-Chinese Bilingual Corpus Based on Chucks
[W00-1314]: Le Sun | Youbing Jin | Lin Du | Yufang Sun

Pdf Export Search Empirical Term Weighting and Expansion Frequency
[W00-1315]: Kyoji Umemura | Kenneth W. Church

Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach to Answering Questions for Reading Comprehension Tests
[W00-1316]: Hwee Tou ng | Leong Hwee Teo | Jennifer Lai Pheng Kwan

Pdf Export Search Automated Construction of Database Interfaces: Intergrating Statistical and Relational Learning for Semantic Parsing
[W00-1317]: Lappoon R. Tang | Raymond J. Mooney

Pdf Export Search Automatic WordNet Mapping Using Word Sense Disambiguation
[W00-1318]: Daniel M. Bikel

Pdf Export Search A Real-time Integration Of Concept-based Search and Summarization of Chinese Websites
[W00-1319]: Joe F. Zhou | Weiquan Liu

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Model for Parsing and Word-Sense Disambiguation
[W00-1320]: Daniel M. Bikel

Pdf Export Search Reducing Parsing Complexity by Intra-Sentence Segmentation based on Maximum Entropy Model
[W00-1321]: Sung Dong Kim | Byoung-Tak Zhang | Yung Tack Kim

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of the Domain Dependence of Supervised Word Disambiguation Systems
[W00-1322]: Gerard Escudero | Lluis Marquez | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search Combining Lexical and Formatting Cues for Named Entity Acquisition from the Web
[W00-1323]: Christian Jacquemin | Caroline Bush

Pdf Export Search A Query Tool for Syntactically Frame Acquisition
[W00-1324]: Laura Kallmeyer

Pdf Export Search Statistical Filtering and Subcategorization Frame Acquisition
[W00-1325]: Anna Korhonen | Genevieve Gorrell | Diana McCarthy

Pdf Export Search One Sense per Collocation and Genre/Topic Variations
[W00-1326]: David Martinez | Eneko Agirre

Pdf Export Search Using Semantically Motivated Estimates to Help Subcategorization Acquisition
[W00-1327]: Annan Korhonen

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